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Are you angry that the United States attacked another country without provocation?

I know this subject may appear "old" to most of you, but I have to ask it. How many Americans are still angry that their country attacked another country (Iraq) without warrant for such actions? Iraq NEVER attacked the US. Iraq DID NOT HAVE weapons of mass destruction. And, lastly, Iraq HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11.

So, I have to ask since there are approxiamately 100,000 dead Iraqi civilians at the feet of the current administration (and, by proxy, at the culpable feet of the citizens of the United States), how many of you are upset by such actions?

I await the "your a liberal pansy" responses because, I know, I have the original intent of the founding fathers and the Constitution behind me (even old George Washington warned about excursions into foreign affairs). In turn, what do you warmongers have?

BTW, I'm a Army veteran and my dad was a Marine in WW2.

Are you angry that the United States attacked another country without provocation?
Yes, we are tired of the question but you have a right to ask it! Many of us are still wondering just what we are doing in Iraq, since it was proved time %26amp; again that they had no WMs %26amp; had done nothing to us. But then, we really didn't have a choice did we? Our President decided (the decider) to have a nice little war to help out his friends in high places %26amp; get his name a nice mention in history. I don't think he will be too happy with his place in history, do you?

Lets face it, inspite of the warning of G. Washington, we just can't seem to let a war anyplace in the world pass us by, we have to get involved! Not always the choice of the people, but there we are anyway! Just what that says about us as a people, I don't know. Perhaps we think we are the new Roman empire, even though we generally don't stay after the fighting is over; except in Japan, Korea, Philippnes etc. Perhaps we are as you called us, warmongers, but then you are one of us so what does that say about you? Do you have plans to leave the home of the brave %26amp; land of the free? I think I would just stay here %26amp; hope for a change, soon!
Reply:The whole world is still angry.

It will take a long time to repair the damage of this administration and then you will hear the repubs screaming about why we can't get this done or why did this happen under the dems watch after they win in 2008. Cleaning up this mess may take decades.
Reply:ok turn off the attitude, take a step back and open your mind. Believe it or not you are as much to blame as anyone else.

You were one of the people that allowed Bush to get elected. Not once but twice!

That meant you allowed your country to be lied to to the point that they attacked Iraq. Always keep in mind that it was America that gave Sadam his power so he could fight Iran.

Why are Americans so blind to their own corruption and so vocal about others. At least your Dad can say he fought for your freedom. All you can say is you "allowed" your country to attack a small man and tribe of camel pushers so your country wouldn't have to use it's own gas.

Anyone can point a finger and judge. Why don't you make suggestions on how to fix things. Your country was lied to and the brave service people are doing their jobs.

If you really want to know how Americans are go on You tube and do a search for Lewis Black - Traveling . If you do it with an open mind you will laugh your butt off.
Reply:Okay, you claim to be an Army veteran and as you say your Father was a Marine in World War II. Did he hate America as much as you do? Evil America opposing the Peace loving people of Iraq. The last time I looked it was Iraqis and other Muslins from outside of Iraq actively killing the peace loving people of Iraq. Unless you're laying claim to have committed a war crime or witnessed a war crime that you failed to report, did you?

Clearly you do not understand the defination of 'Weapon of Mass Destruction' because according to the United Nations it includes delivery systems such as missile! Please see the link below...

If you're all so fired up and truely believe the B.S. you trying to discriminate here, then you need to stop blow smoke and go wage peace. Be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.

If you're to believe America has become the evil empire we once dread, our service men and women, the hundred of thousands of them are evil pawns. If what you say is correct a darkness has decended upon the land and we have losted our collective way. Of course, only you can see the truth and we are all fools....

Time to get a reality check, Pal, you have inhaled far too much!
Reply:It was a deceptive war. I opposed it then and I oppose it now.
Reply:I think it's shameful. And it's going to take years and new leadership to bring the U.S. back up as a leader in the world of nations.
Reply:Yes and I am sick of people using 9/11 to justify a war with a man that USA left in power after the gulf war so if he was guilty then so is Bush Sr for not getting rid of him when he should have.

You had one successful terrorist attack against your country and just because the government cant find who did it they decide to start a war to appease the people demanding revenge.
Reply:You are very nearly 0 for 3 on your points. While Iraq never issued a first strike against the US, when Kuwait was invaded, Saddam was told, leave or be ejected. He chose to allow his soldiers to be killed and to attack as best he could. Those missiles he launched into Riyadh (sp) were an attack on the United States. You can try to cover it up as defensive, but the US was their defending Kuwait and our interests in the oil in that region, Saddam was the invader. To end Gulf War I, Saddam made certain agreements. He did not comply with those agreements so we had every right to go in and depose him.

Saddam DID have WMDs, we saw him use them on the Northern Kurds. We gave him plenty of time to move/hide them, before, the whole free world agreed he had them, even back in the Clinton administration.

Saddam had little if anything to do directly with 9/11, but it is a fact that he and his regime sponsored terrorists, and paid money to families of those martyred by blowing themselves up in Israel. When you fan smoldering embers, you cannot absolve yourself of responsibility for the fire.
Reply:You are right about one thing.....this subject is old.....but I will explain to you the provocation. Saddam Hussein was suspected of having WMD's. It was intelligence that agencies from around the world had, it was intelligence that dated back (at least) to the 1st Clinton term. We (USA) did the diplomatic thing and sent UN inspectors to search for them. Saddam would not let them search everywhere that the inspectors wanted. The USA warned him to allow free access, he refused. We threatened to take action if he kept it up, he ignored it. After about a month of this we went in and ended his regime. I personally suspect that he was able to smuggle anything he did not want found out of the country.

I notice you are concerned about the 100,000 civilian dead in Iraq. Where was your concern when Saddam was doing the same thing?? I would bet that most of the civilian dead during this war is REALLY at the hands of there own citizens, and not US soldiers.
Reply:give them freedoms and rights which they never had before examples (voting, women getting an education, getting rid of a tyrant who has killed too many of his own people that you cant count the number)...and more.
Reply:Your whipping a dead horse and the reams of news we don't hear could fill volumes of newspapers. Saddam did have training camps, did have WMD's, you know, the ones they killed all the Kurds with, the poison gas. Anything else was moved prior to us going into Iraq.

How many of the former Generals and Scientists from his regime, has to tell the world what he had so the world can ignore it???

How many bodies do you want stacked on our streets from terrorist attacks, should we do like the Democrats want, pack up and leave. We forget about 3 million people in Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia lost their lives or disappeared after the Fall of Saigon when the US lost that war, tucked tail and left the country. How long do you think it will take the terrorists, who are busy fighting our troops, to follow them home to Any-town, USA?????

We lost 3000 on 911 and I for one, don't want one more innocent American to die on our streets cause you and the liberals have no spine, no guts and no testosterone to stay the course and finish the job by killing more terrorists.
Reply:I was, and I still am.
Reply:OK, let's look at this in a simpler way.

You look out your front door and the little old lady across the street is getting her head handed to her by some gang-banger who's stealing her purse.

What do you do?

Do you go over there and tell the gang-banger to stop, PLEASE?

Do you try to reason with him and show him the error of his ways?

Do you shake your head and say, my goodness that poor fellow must have had a rough childhood?

Do you condemn the little old lady for having posessions worth stealing?

Do you not get involved because YOU were not attacked?

Do you call the police and sit wondering if they have the time, resources or desire to come?

OR, do you go over there and kick the living crap out of him?

Your response will determine how safe you will be because guess what, if he is successful and determines that your neighborhood is an easy mark, he's coming back when the crack runs out again. You could be next. As a matter of fact, if he were to see you standing there doing nothing, you will no doubt be next.

I just love these same old tired questions...Thanks for the points dude.
Reply:you are correct and don't be discouraged because of some of the answers you have gotten, I assume these dirty answers are from the Zonist side, as we had no business messing with Saddam Hussien or anyone else in the middle East, but, you have got to understand what happened, you see Iraq and Saddam was a thorn in Israel's side, and since they own America, they told old Georgie the boy wonder to get rid of him, so he did as he was told , do you remember what happened to Nixon? G,W,B, is smart he didn.t want to go the same as Nixon, have a good day, Shalom, we will be trying to speak hebrew soon,

adyil, you are either Zionist or a very sick puppy, the only thing Iraq and Saddam is guilty of is not bowing down to kiss Zionist Israel's butt and you know that,

steve a8, are you being serious or just trying to detract attention from what the real reason for invading Iraq was?? anyone who would believe Saddam was so stupid he sent his weapons out of the country knowing he was facing a invasion has got to be nuts,
Reply:how many times do you meat heads have to be re-informed that all of the defeatocrats that are against the war now[since they feel that will get them a vote] were the ones loooong before bush took office said repeatedly that iraq had wmd's even your God...bubba...btw i served in the nam and my dad served in ww2!
Reply:I'm angry about it, and I won't lose my anger until Bush and Cheney are impeached or handed over to an International Tribunal for war crimes.
Reply:Iraq DID threaten to attack America. On the 1 yr anniversary of 9/11 Saddam Hussein called for his nation and other Muslim nations to rise up against America. Iraqi scientist said that their goal was to get the sanctions lifted so they could further establish their WMD program. Quick question. Has anyone checked Syria for Iraq's WMD since they had more than a year to move them. Iraq did not have anything to do with 9/11, but Bush said that anyone who supported or harbored terrorist would not be safe. Iraq was paying the families of suicide bombers substantial money. I would call that support for the terrorist. The 100,000 number is a guess at best since America has not announced foreign casualties since Vietnam. It's amazing to me that you know the original intent since liberals have long tried to change the original intent concerning religion, abortion, etc. I thank you for your service in the military and would never call you a pansy because of that.
Reply:I'm withdrawing my previous comments because there are a few Nam vets on here tonight.

On behalf of my Father who was also in Vietnam and saw what NO human should ever see:

Always question if it doesn't feel right and never conform or allow your thinking to become boxed in by your experiences.(His words not mine)

Do you sleep at night? If you do does your family stand at least 20 feet back if they have to wake you?(My words as a daughter who made the mistake of waking a vet and ended up flat on my back with my father's hands around my neck.)

Our troops are NOT the ones in question here.

It's the motives of the ones in charge.

Piss off if you don't like my answer.

I'm an American and (for now) I can express my opinion long as I'm not corresponding with anyone overseas, I mean.

My daddy was a great man. He wasn't a wimp or a bleeding heart I assure you.
Reply:No, I know very little about the specifics, you probably know just as much or little. I have enough faith in the government and I have seen enough of the exploits of Saddam to believe that there were valid reasons to do what they did. Your rant is tiresome.
Reply:The Bush presidency has been a scam on the US since his first election, but like most Americans I'm so wrapped up in my own things I haven't taken a lot of time to be mad about people half way around the world.
Reply:No, I'm not going to call you a liberal pansy. However, I'd like to make some points that I would like you to read, not to sway any type of thinking on your part, but to let it be known to other people so they can at least know the opposite point of view.

1.Terrorists are scattered throughout the Middle East.

2. Big bad dictators who massacre their own people usually (I could be wrong) support terrorists.

3. Who is to say that Iraq under the regime of Saddam Hussein didn't TRADE weapons of mass destruction, therefore allowing for the procuring by another country bent on the destruction of America.

4. Iraq did (if you read history which is proof) stir up many things in the middle east threatening the "peace" that everyone seems to want but no one is willing to fight for.

It is true that there are many countries like Iraq with the same agenda, but there is no rule saying you can't take the offensive. Offensive and defensive are usually necessary for any country, just ask Israel.

I'm probably a little bit drawn out there, but I hope I got my points across and hope that it would at least open up the eyes of some people.:)
Reply:Who says we weren't provoked.

USAF Veteran

p.s. thanks...this question took me to level 6
Reply:since you're asking an old question i'll give an old answer. if saddam wasn't a weapon of mass destruction, i don't know what is. why are you disrespecting the military?

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