Friday, January 27, 2012

Has the internet given the whimps a voice?

in previous years the strong have always ruled ove rthe weak, the many always out way the few, the majority always leads the pack, and the winners always write the history books. basicaly becuase they are the best suited, fringe ideas and the looking out for the part of the flock that should be thinned out only weaken the core and take the focus off what is important. the survival of the many. now you have fringe radicals empowered by the internet with blogs and websites filled with bullshiit that some worped minds take as truth. these are the same poeple that have a hard time distingwishing between the sci fi network and cnn. most of the radicals and bloggers were in the av club in highschool, band, or some other social reject that hides behing keyboards and false personas that make a voice for themselves in the comfort of there mothers basement.

ok i might be going a little far but when did the men of this country become such pansies?

Has the internet given the whimps a voice?
I think you are right ! These people get a sense of power with their anonymity. Otherwise, they are losers and outcasts !
Reply:Im not sure that it had given them more a a voice but maybe more of an open mind and lets them say thing to people that they wouldnt in person. Now for the other people it has given them a much easier way to getting girls and boys (in some cases) to "meet" up with this person that they are NOT. i mean seriously how stupid do girls get to go and meet a stranger on the net that they dont even know?!?!?!?!?! idk. me personaly i wouldnt do that.
Reply:It is a freedom they have. America was born on equality, where EVERYONE has the freedom to speak out and make a difference, not just the strong. I have a feeling many of those weak people you speak of control much more of this country than you would like to believe. "What is a man who does not try to make his country better?" What are YOU doing to contribute?
Reply:You might have you finger on something here. I guess your next move would be to close all the Internet sites down unless they are manned by fire breathing, god fearing, simply minded sociopaths.

In fact, I think you have your finger right on top of the first Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Check it out!

You may have heard of the right to religion, speech and the press.

Have you?
Reply:when the republicans took over. then fox news started messing with peoples minds.
Reply:Internets has given everybody a voice.


Thank you AL GORE!!!!:):):)

Every technological revolution has its dark side?

I would put digital technology/information technology right up there with....

The steam engine?

The automobile?

Both of those inventions greatly affected society.

Wonder how the Internet affecting Societies now?

There is a clash of civilizations happening before our very eyes

and the citizens of these opposing cultures can yell at each other in chat rooms and forums.

Its bigger than the BEATLES
Reply:Hmmm, judging from spelling errors and run on sentences, you were not in the group that have the intelligence to come up with the Internet/computer you are now abusing... (band especially) has been shown to increase ones IQ...can we assume you weren't in that class either?

Also, many women are working in the technology field.
Reply:Why don't you ask yourself that Mr. "I'm old but I still brag about being a high school athlete to seem cool."

Oh, yea Jon. While you were in college pretending to be an athlete( intramural doesn't count) I was serving my country in Iraq. So I would rather brag about that then "******* cheerleaders in high school."

It's funny how most of you crazy right wingers have never laced up your boots and did anything for this country you claim to "love" so much. Guess you wanna follow in the footsteps of your leader, right?
Reply:not sure about the whimps, but it most certainly has given the nut cases a voice.
Reply:i guess there are a lot of them here
Reply:The internet is limitless. Anything can happen, but sometimes those whimps actions can backfire.
Reply:Actually you are right. People can be anyone they want on the net.
Reply:I believe everyone should have a voice. However those who are the stronger need to see the (whimp) voice for what it really is. It's a new world. Sadly I must agree it's seems so many men these day out there bloggin are acting completely like pansies.
Reply:i enjoyed your insight, but anyone who has a computer has this right, its very empowering to those that take advantage of it don't you think?

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