Friday, January 27, 2012

Why is thoughtfulness ,insight and questioning regarded as weakness?

You know what I mean.9/11 dissenters are crazy.Being against the Iraqi war is being a pansy and unamerican.Asking questions about events and press releases is moronic.If your not American ,you are told to shut the hell up because it isnt your business.Is not debate and compromise one of the things that built America the great in the first place?

Why is thoughtfulness ,insight and questioning regarded as weakness?
Beats me why exercising the brain God gave you is derided as 'being weak'! You are correct: the cornerstone of our form of government is that we supposedly debate and wrestle with issues to come up with the best possible solution. That means asking questions and having to listen to the other side, and maybe deal with the fact that not everyone thinks like you do.
Reply:Thoughtfulness, insight and questioning are never regarded as weakness by honest intelligent people. Its those fearful dishonest types who don't like it and will resort to any kind of name-calling and worse to prevent it.
Reply:Because the current leadership show a lack of ability to be thoughtful, insightful and question what is real. In fact, reality based thinking is no longer even thought as being appropriate. Bush lasks the ability to see beyond himself and his own personal needs. Therfore anyone who thinks or sees beyond that is weak.
Reply:questioning the govt IS patriotic and IS the foundation of america. we are a country by the ppl for the ppl. if ppl dont agree with what the govts doing its our DUTY to stop it. or just change the sad how apathetic our country has become.
Reply:Thoughtfulness, insight and questioning are not regarded as weakness, they are regarded as being a conservative.

Liberals can only speak the party line and can only use the same hate-phrases that others use. Many have no insight, have never had an original thought and don't question, they just make charges, especially the most wild-eyed screamers like Daschle, Pelosi and Kennedy.

Remember Kennedy saying "Abu Ghraib was an atrocity"? Well, I didn't hear him say the video-taped beheadings of Americans was an atrocity. He was totally silent about those. Why would he be silent about these atrocities? Why was Pelosi not screaming about these in front of the TV camera?

Why do libs hate America so much? Why do libs attack everything this country stands for? Why do libs consider the Sunnis (who were the henchmen for Saddam), not to be terrorists? Why don't the libs run to the loving arms of Jacques Chirac?

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