Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why does my car zap me?

I live in washington, so the humidity is relatively high - but every freaking time I drive my car (for just 1 min or an hour) when I get out and touch metal I get shocked. Not some pansy shock, I mean I can SEE the electric spark. I'm not wearing static clothes, just regular jeans, shirt and sneakers.

I'm getting to hate closing my car door because I get zapped everytime I do. And it's only with that one car. What is the deal?

Why does my car zap me?
I often get zapped too when I'm on PC the whole day. You have to ground yourself before you close your door. Hope the site helps!!
Reply:I've seen cars that have a flapper thing that touches the ground near the exhuast pipes. maybe that'll help in reducing the shocks.
Reply:It is the new ruber compounds used in the tires that causes the static charge.
Reply:Not sure why your car is shocking you, but it sounds like something is not properly grounded. But try this... when you get out of the car, before you touch your door touch the tip of your key to metal on the car. This will shock the key instead of your hand.
Reply:I live in Wisconsin and usually only see this when the humidity is low.

You are getting the static build up as you slide out of your seat.

If you can hold onto something metal as you get out you can eliminate that because the static will be steadily discharging as fast as it builds up.

Try swinging the door open and touching any part of the metal inside the door opening as you rise. Also, if you think you might have static built up, touch your hand quickly to metal as the spark will have less distance to jump and therefore will not hurt as much.

And you definitely need to touch metal before pumping gas or you could torch yourself by igniting gas fumes with a spark. I always touch the body of the car and then the pump BEFORE I even activate the pump.

You might get some relief with a seat cover, but I don't know what material to suggest.
Reply:I have the same problem is whenever i get out and shut the door..then ZAP!! I have seen it too and so did my husband..I hate it.. maybe there is some way to prevent it? Lemme know if u find a way ok??
Reply:Yep ,

Common problem with many cars %26amp; caused by the fabric in the seats and the carpet .

Put some Fabric Softener ( Yep the stuff you use in the laundry ) into a squirter bottle and " LIGHTLY " spray it onto the seat fabric faces %26amp; the carpet , But whatever you do dont flood the material with it .

Let it dry in the sun for a few hours and see how it goes .

If it works you will probably need to re-apply it about once a month .
Reply:you have to ground yourself out before you touch the door, touch something medal. but what ever you careful while pumping gas...alot of explosions happen because you are not ground out, and then you spark and the gas ignites. just be careful.
Reply:model has nothing to do with it.when you get out you slide out and get shocked. this is still static electricity.when getting out place the back of your legs against the door jam and the shock will stop.the fabric either leather or cloth will cause it.
Reply:Probably just the carpet in your car. It happens to me from time to time
Reply:I think maybe your too fat and sliding out the door to much on seat fabric, causing buildup of static electricity. Try pushing on window to close the door.

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