Thursday, January 26, 2012

Should i be worried about my savannah monitor?

my monitor has been doing much better, hes become a little pansy, we bond alot now, but he isnt very active alot he sleeps all the time, and when i bring him into the bathroom to bond he doesnt move and walk around much, should i be worried, nothing is wrong with him as far as illness..

Should i be worried about my savannah monitor?
Does he have a heat source such as a heat light, heat rock, or heat mat? He needs to be able to raise his temperature as needed. Ambiant temperature of 75 degrees F and basking temperature of 100 degrees F.

All that aside, savannah monitors are typically lazy except when feeding.

Adding to what Copperhead states below, insects are a good idea. Even if your monitor is larger and feeding on pre-killed rodents, having some insects to chase will put him into hunting mode. A good soak in a tub of warm water is also a good idea, and fun to watch. Savannahs are about as graceful in the water as a beach ball.
Reply:Along with what Gunny said, what are you feeding him? They're primarily insectivores, so crickets, mealworms, earthworms and the like should make up most of his diet. I did give my former monitor an occasional rodent, but always a pinky (mouse or rat) since they sometimes have trouble digesting the hair. If he's been eating a lot of furry animals, the hair may be causing an impaction.

If you suspect an impaction might be involved (not eating or pooping well), have you tried soaking him in a tub/dishpan with enough warm (not hot) water to come up to about 1/2 way up his body? That can stimulate them to poop, and if he still doesn't that may indicate a trip to the vet is needed.

Your bathroom floor, if tile, may be too slippery to get a good grip for moving. If there are rugs or carpet, be careful any threads don't get wrapped around the toes and cut off circulation - this happened to the lizard belonging to a friend.

Monitors do spend a lot of their time being lazy, either under their heat source or inside a den, so be sure to give him something more stimulating to do once in a while. I used to take mine for walks on a lizard leash when the weather was warm enough - just choose a spot where no chemicals are used on the grass. They really like climbing trees (another reason to use the leash).

NOTE: If he's cold, DON'T use a heat rock - they can cause severe burns and electrical shock (shocks occur if they get wet - either after misting, or if you spill water from a dish or the lizard walks through it, then onto the rock - been there, done that!).
Reply:I don't recall a 'monitor' but soon like a reptile.

The bathroom may have smells that the pet picks up and scent markers... Maybe doesn't like floor texture. Or feels closed in.

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