Friday, January 27, 2012

Who are sick of the influx of foreigners coming to the US?

I'm prepared to catch hell from all you pansy a$$es.

Let them stay in their own friggin countries.

Who are sick of the influx of foreigners coming to the US?
I agree, it's time to put the NO VACANCY sign up. We are currently overwhelmed giving welfare to the illegals already here.
Reply:American Indians would agree with you wholeheartedly.
Reply:Well considering we were founded by immagrants I can't see a justified reason for not allowing people to come to this Country.
Reply:fu** u, u damn redneck condom blowin bush loving son of a bit**
Reply:Ummm, genius, you might want to take a look at what the Statue of Liberty has on it before you start on your tirade. Let me refresh that memory of your, 'give me your tired, poor, hungry masses yearning to be free.'

It's part of the American culture to blend others cultures with our own and offer foreigners a place to live. Sooo, if your tired of them coming, leave. We sure could use less of your ignorance in America. Go live on some island where you can control the population yourself.

Ooh, and nice peace symbol in your pic there.... I'm impressed that someone who has a peace sign can harbor such ill intent to others..... %26lt;----- Sarcasm if you didn't recognize it for what it is.
Reply:While I disagree with your choice of words, staying in their own country, I do believe that that those who choose to come to ours should conform to our way of life instead of expecting us to cater to their way of life. Check my previous questions on my profile and you will find a post I made regarding this.
Reply:nope we need another 2000,000 more to round it off
Reply:I am a foreigner. Thank you for welcoming me in to this country!
Reply:I wouldn't mind all of them coming if all our jobs were not sent to their country and they still come here and take what jobs are left. Sometimes I feel like it doesn't even pay to be a legal citizen.
Reply:If they want to come here legally I will welcome them. If not, I'll gladly help round them up and send them packing.
Reply:I don't care for the hateful ones. The rest are welcome here. Good Luck! :)
Reply:I don't begrudge anyone the chance for a better way of life for their families but only if they do it legally. What I'm tired of is the illegals coming here and reaping the benefits that are denied legal citizens who desperately need them.
Reply:I find absolutely nothing wrong with LEGAL immigrants, but we should use ANY MEANS possible to stop the illegal invaders.
Reply:Immigration is a wonderful way to increase our labor market and overall economy without having to raise our own rug-rats. The majority of immigrants that come to USA legally are educated, healthy, law abiding, and add to the overall tax base which pays for social services like the help for raising American children that are overweight PlayStation geniuses.

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