Thursday, January 26, 2012

What do you think of people that always quote movies?

I am tired of people at work always aiming for a laugh by quoting movie lines. A few years back everything was "flippin' sweet" from Napoleon Dynamite. Now I keep hearing "shake and bake" from Talledega Nights. I see it as a desperate attempt to get a laugh by regurgitating moderately funny lines from movies. Worse yet, they seem to insert the quotes at inappropriate times when there is no relevance to the current topic. I don't laugh when they do this anymore and they seem to get offended. Look, it was funnier in the movie! Now come up with something original you pansy! Anyone else having this problem?

What do you think of people that always quote movies?
Frankly, bud, I don't give a damn.
Reply:yeah i have that problem too but no so badly, my friends are normally clever enough to throw the "movie phrase" into the conversations where it would be funny. They dont just ramdomly say them unless we're just b/s'n about a movie we just saw in the theaters.
Reply:yes...o my gaaa! i have like, been sooo, like, having the same, like, problemo! like, i mean, like, om my gaa! people can't stop repeating themselves, like, they'll talk and talk and talk, like, all the, like, time! how like annoying is like that?
Reply:Nah. I know what you mean though. Let's face it; most of us don't have an origional bone in our bodies. So when some silly catchphrase tickles our fancy- we beat the darn thing to death on anyone who'll listen. Forgive them Brother; they know not that they sound like idiots. :)
Reply:Honestly, when I come across such people, I tend to admire their memory power.. the fact that they actually remember the lines and have the capability to bring them up at the perfect situation!!
Reply:heavy is good, heavy is reliable. if it does not work you can always hit him with it
Reply:they have too much time on their hands and should get a personality of their own.
Reply:I'll be back!
Reply:I'm with you. I think it's pretty lame, especially to people who don't watch many movies. (People like me.) Although, much of our modern day language has been so influenced by movies that most of us probably quote movies without even thinking about it. (i.e. "That's a real catch 22...")
Reply:ya baby...(Austin Powers)
Reply:Well my nuts are halfway up my as*..other than than Im Perfect!
Reply:I do it all the time haha, not by choice I just remeber everything I see and hear in every movie I have ever seen :p I like myself just fine :)

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