Friday, January 27, 2012

Hey hockey fans, what do you think about Downie?

I think Steve Downie of the Flyers is the biggest piece of crap in the NHL. He's so dirty its ridiculous. Even when he played for the Spitfires, he was a dirty bully to his own teammates. I had to laugh last night when in the middle of a fight, he turtled and ran away. What a sucker-punching pansy that guy is. Do you agree with me?

Hey hockey fans, what do you think about Downie?
I can hear the Flyers fans now...

My only problem with him "quitting" was that he had just landed his best punches of the fight. He acted like a school girl - get the last "word" and run away. If he had waited a few more seconds to quit, then I don't think it would have been so noticeable- or bogus.

Downie just continues to climb on my list of Sh**heads that shouldn't be allowed in the NHL. There are so many talented players (and fighters) out there who would kill for one shift in the NHL...and this guy just continues to abuse his privilege - probably because his GM is as much of a crackpot.

Sorry, not GM...Clarke is their SENIOR VP- even worse
Reply:Could you please note the cheap shots he has so far? No-one has ever claimed him to be a superstar to my knowledge, but he has far fewer than 10 cheapshot incidents to my knowledge. I will publicly reverse my claim if you can site 10 incidents. Report It
Reply:Why tell us? I think you should tell him personally. Face to face like.

And if he played for your favorite NHL team, you'd think he's a hero.

Wouldn't you rather ask why the Canadiens are called the Habs?
Reply:Please refer to LITY's answer for my views. There are plenty of players who have done far more serious things than Downie. If Downie is getting under the skin of his opponents (along with the fans of those teams) then he is doing his job well.
Reply:You guys can post your opinions except you didn't watch the game. Did you know what happened?

He was actually at the end of a shift and the fight was over anyway. Just shut up already.

Thank you LITY. Take it from someone that has actually played in the NHL.
Reply:Clarification: when someone turtles, that means they got on their hands and knees to avoid fighting. Downie most definitely did not turtle. What he did was hit someone and skate away like a little prick.
Reply:Let me see

- Averaged almost 2 points ba gtame in the OHL (slightly less than the vaunted John Tavares)

-2 World Junior Gold Medals

The guy can play, if people are so ******* idiotic that they only see a player for one or two idiotic plays (and I don't even consider the hit on McAmmond idiotic) then maybe they should be watching a non-contact sport like golf! (or women's beach volleyball)
Reply:BOOYA....can you NOT read...this subject was brought up only a little while ago...The horse has had ENOUGH!!

Better you ask if Mats is going to be traded!! ;-) LOL!
Reply:yea, he's a bia. Lucky for the pens, we got Laraque to push him around.
Reply:I don't like him, but my Pens fan bias explains that.

If I was a Flyers fan, I wouldn't like Jarkko Ruutu.

While I personally think there's a difference between their antics, (Downie goes a bit too far, too extreme) they're still trying to play the same game: get under players' skin. Fans love a pest when he's on their favorite team, but hate him when he's on a different team. It's always been like that.
Reply:My beef is since the guy is fighting often, take the damn visor off.

Andrew-Im with you on that one.

Spaceboy-Paul Holmgren is a crack pot?

**Clarke is just a paid fan.Thats it.And if you believe that I'll tell you another one.

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