Friday, January 27, 2012

What's more manly, mountain or road biking?

I was driving on the road one day and saw road bikers in spandex. I think they look like pansies. Not much technical skills involved either.

What's more manly, mountain or road biking?
BOTH and NEITHER: it's the person who rides the bike. the clothes don't make the man. and as for technical skills your talking apples and oranges both require different skills and mind sets. but at the pro level there has been cross over from one discipline to the other. in the end a cyclist is a cyclist and a man is a man.
Reply:Hey Bubbah,

Studies have shown that E.D. can be related to general fitness. It's just blood flow after all. Heart disease, poor diet and high cholesterol, diabetes ... all can be related to not just poor athletic performance but ahem...poor performance.

So what's more manly?

You sitting on your butt in your S.U.V, an open bag of pork rinds, and fast food wrappers on the seat? While you may be 20 but you have the arteries of an 80 year old.

Or the men you passed who can go all day on the road or off road and ... ahem.

Which do you think your girlfriend would prefer? That's right, we know. So c'mon out and go riding with us, we'll wait till you catch up.
Reply:What an intelligent question, filled with ignorance and ego. If your mommy could teach you how to ride a bike, there may be a chance for you sometime in the future, but for now try to wrap your mind around this without your last three brain cells going supernova, OK?

While you were driving like a lazy turd (probably in a Hummer or other worthless "offroad" replacement for your genital inadequacies), the cyclists were actually doing something a little more difficult than 12-oz curls and applying peanut butter to their crotch for the dog's enjoyment.

The "technical skills" you deny are obviously well beyond your ability to understand. And as you pooh-poohed their outfits, rest assured that they were laughing at your 300-lbs of hockey hair and man-boobies.
Reply:I'll answer this question with a question of my own: Which is more dangerous, a tree or a 35 year old woman driving an H2 with 3 kids in the car while talking on her mobile phone?

I've never had a tree change directions and come right at me before.

Roadies Rule!
Reply:Mountain biking is definitely more appropriate for guys who are insecure in their manhood.
Reply:dude thats not even up for debate. although i wear spandex (lots of mt. bikers do) biking is the only biking. there is no riding on pavement!
Reply:Road Bikers are more fit, but Mountain Bikers are more rugged. I would say that Mountain biking, in general is more "manly", BUT from my experiences there are some really hot chicks that mountain bike, and there are burly dudes that ride road bikes.
Reply:but you didn't stop and tell them that? ps its not spandex - Lycia. the MTB and Roadies have a long distance relationship with rules as to clothes and attitude. How do you tell without the bike -- the MTBer with have black socks and the Roadie white. Tough world isn't it!

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