Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do martial arts actually work as self defense?

I have seen more black belts get their rears kicked than not. To me, you either know it or you don't - their really is no in-between.

Maybe I am just watching the wrong black belts. To me, they are just a bunch of pansies ;)

Do martial arts actually work as self defense?
Maybe it that black belts compete. When you compete, you win some and you lose some. That's usually the way it works.

To answer your initial question, Yes, martial arts do work as self defense. The effectiveness of a particular martial artist or art depends upon whom the attacker is, their training and skill level.

I humbly suggest to you, Leroy, that you seem to have a chip on your shoulder against black belts. What is that all about?
Reply:Yes, otherwise they would not exist. I have no idea who you watched or what their credentials are.
Reply:It sounds to me like the guys your talking about were looking for fights and they found them. I'm afraid you and them both have the wrong idea about self defense. Self Defense is not about standing there scrapping it out until the other guy goes down it's about getting out of a bad situation quickly and with minimal injury and legal repercussions.

And before you ask no I am not a Karate instructor or owner of a school and I'm not selling books.
Reply:Be the water. Water enters a room, the water becomes the room. Water enters a glass, it becomes the glass. Sometimes water flows, and sometimes water will crash. Be the water my friend.
Reply:To your first question, yes martial arts work as self defense.

To your statement, well you probably saw McDojo blackbelts.

McDojo - A martial arts school that is more concerned with profit then with proper teaching.
Reply:Sounds to me like you are talking about brawling, not self defense.

Yes martial arts actually DO work for self defense!

Reply:depends alot of black belts infact most anynore got there belts at a"mc dojo" they run you trough a few months and give you a blackbelt for all the balck belts who lost were the others guys trianed aswell plius i can name several situations where yes martial arts trianing as saved peopes lives plus havng a black belt doe snot mean anyhtign its all about the perosn and how much trianing they have
Reply:you are.

I highly suggest you go pick a fight with a bjj black belt. If they are nice they will not intentionally mishear your tap (submission).

I say bjj not because they are the only black belts that have skill, but because as a general rule you won't find a bjj black belt that doesn't.

They are the only art that really keeps a close eye on rankings and who deserves to be a black belt.

There are good black belts in other martial arts- however other martial arts tend to promote people for different reasons this varies from gym to gym.

Some (particularly TKD) tend to promote to make the school look good because it has so many black belts. Some promote to "keep" students in the school and promote them quickly regardless of skill. These are refered to as "belt-factories" or "mcdojos".

The simple truth is that you need to look at the gym they come from and bieng a "black belt" today is not an indication of skill or fighting ability. If they train hard and train with resistance against fully resisting opponents, you can bet they know how to fight.

If they do pretty forms and dance around like ballerinas and play martial tag (point sparring) then they will not be able to fight.

Martial arts are good for self-defence, otherwise we wouldn't bother training our soldiers.

It is good for self-defence as you are (or should be if you are training properly) learning how to fight.

I think part of that training is learning the realistic limits of what you are learning. Such as the minimal chance you might have against a knife or a gun in a realistic situation.

Many teachers unfortunately do teach stupid "traditional" knife disarms that are unrealistic.
Reply:Who are you watching?And yes Martial Arts are for defening yourself and outhers and nothing more.
Reply:I think there are two different issues here....defending yourself is different from getting your rear kicked...

I am still a beginner in martial arts..I just earned my blue belt. Coming into class the first day, I knew very little about fighting, except for the limited hand-to-hand combat skills the Army teaches. In 8 months of classes, I have learend many things that will help me to defend myself, especially against someone who is larger and stronger than myself. If I were attacked, I think that I have a good knowledge base to allow myself to do SOMETHING to defend myself. I still very well may get my rear kicked, but I am better prepared than I was. In addition, my schooling has prepared me better for dealing with getting beat on (e.g. falling, taking a punch/kick, etc.)

I don't feel ready, however, to go out and pick a fight. I am guessing that the majority of the pansies you have seen probably are looking for trouble, thus get whooped.

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