Friday, January 27, 2012

My snapdrogons are growing well & tall but aren't blooming well?

I have 2 pots with snapdragons and some planted in the ground. They get plenty of sunlight (all of my other blooming flowers: petunias, pansies, etc.) are blooming wonderfully. However, my snapdragons in one pot have a one or two blooms every 3 weeks or so and the others have not bloomed at all, yet they are growing quite well otherwise. Any advise?

My snapdrogons are growing well %26amp; tall but aren't blooming well?
also remember to deadhead the blooms that are there after they have died to encourage new blooms. you did not mention if these are first year or second year plants. if they are second year plants and are stringy looking instead of bushy you might need to pinch back some of the growth to encourage business and flower production-good luck!
Reply:With all flowering (well most) plants you need to dead head, which means remove the old part where the flowers came out, to encourage new growth. If you do this regularly you will be amazed at the difference. Also, it wouldn't hurt to feed your plants with something like Miracle Grow. they make a specific one for flowering plants.
Reply:Baby is correct. MiracleGro also makes a product called "bloom booster" -- targets the nutrient that encourages blooms. have fun.
Reply:feed them with miracle grow at every watering 1 little cup in one 10 gal water can that comes with the miracle grow ( follow direction on miracle grow )you get bigger and nicer plants

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