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Why would someone be a liberal Democrat instead of a conservative Democrat?

My father who works his butt off in his blue collared job is a conservative Democrat. He votes Democrat because they support unions and lower taxes for the middle class, but he does not hold liberal political ideology. He voted for Reagan for President and says that John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan were 2 of the best Presidents. I believe conservative Democrats who hold blue collared jobs are more hard working, tougher, and smarter than the pansy liberal Democrats who sit behind a desk and work on a computer all day and feel tough.

Why would someone be a liberal Democrat instead of a conservative Democrat?
I know several conservative Republicans that sit behind a desk and feel tough.

I don't think you should be making comparisons like that. This is America, people have freedom of political will here.

I'm happy for your dad...I really am. He votes on both sides as he sees fit. So do I.

What is really disturbing is those people that vote straight party line without even thinking about it. That is scary.
Reply:That last statement was just ignorant. Liberals support more liberal causes: such as universal health care, welfare, equal rights, gay rights, abortion, freedom of speech. Conservatives tend to be more in the middle and be more conservative on issues. But either one can be a blue-collar hard working person. I sit behind my desk and am a Libertarian. Look that one up.
Reply:I'm pretty liberal in my thinking but very conservative in what part I think government on a federal level should be involved in many issues. I'm much closer to being a Goldwater type of conservative than many "true conservatives" on here, so I'm an Independent. I vote issues, and research any candidate I may consider. I look at their voting record, not what they say in commercials. Our government is out of control and we need to rein it in.
Reply:The Democrats don't care anymore about working class people than the Republicans do. I will not support either party.
Reply:You sound like the majority of southeast Oklahomans...makes me soooo glad I don't live there anymore. Nothing is more irritating than a so-called "Democrat" who voted for GW Bush and rallies for gay marriage amendments and other such nonsense.
Reply:anti-shiraz that was the funniest thing i have ever read!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:Sounds like you could learn a lot more from your father, that would benefit you in the long run(except for the support of Reagan, who destroyed Unions and him personally agreeing with unions is kind of conflicting), because he has his head on almost straight when it comes to politics, or at least more straight than many folks around here that think all cons are republican and all libs are democrat.

BUT, it appears that you have a very poor view regarding your fellow American, like many people on here that claim to be conservatives, when actually, they are nothing more than extremist right-wingers who have no respect for anything other than their own irrational thought. I am not inferring that from you stating a conservative ideology, but for your own words you chose to describe libs.

There usually is more than one route to achieving a desired result. This basically is the largest difference between cons and libs, excluding their fringe extremes, that denounce their own, more moderate individuals as being on the opposite side.

Liberal democrats support everything you just mentioned your father supports for the fact they are democrat, but they feel that large corporations are inherently designed to exploit the worker as much as they can, without regards to how it effects the employee or their lives. Effectively creating the problem where you are either going to be there for the company, or you are going to be there for your family. Being there for you family, means much more than just bringing home a paycheck, that is why most people who believe that, that is all they have to do, usually have problems with their spouse going out on them when they aren't around.

Liberals believe that modest regulation will insure that we won't end up living in a world where the extremely wealthy have a good family life, while they are forcing their employees to choose their jobs over their family to keep their jobs.

You cannot dispute that this situation is not occuring as larger companies increase the productivity of their employees to increase profit, by eliminating, what they feel is unecessary labor costs. In essence, there is nothing wrong with this, except for the fact that the drive to compete with companies that pay their foriegn laborers $2.50 a day is creating unecessary demands on the employee, and their families.

This is caused diretcly by the will of the company, but because of normalized trade with countries who exploit their citizens liek cattle, rather than human beings. What must a company do in order to compete with them?? take a guess.

If you want a picture drawn in order ot think about this in the manner i am explaining, think about this example.

two identical farms in every way. they grow exactly the same products, and do things in exactly the same manner.

The only difference is:

Farm A: the employees and the operating cost is mostly subsidized by a communist government, because its exports bring more money into their economy, and their production increases food supply. The operator is responsible for only 10% of the daily wage of the employees, while the communist government pays the rest. Any large costly equipment is nearly fully covered by the government in exchange for an agreement that the operator will use the extra profit to expand production and hire many more people, even if the jobs they are doing seem pointless.

Farm B: recieves similar subsidies, but not nearly as large in the form of interest subsidies on loans, and guaranteed loans, that must be repaid. The exapansion of production reliess solely on the income of the farm, and how much they can save on labor/production expenses.

what will Farm B have to do to its employees to compete with Farm A?

liberals don't believe that what Farm B will have to do to its employees, in order to compete with Farm A, is productive to society or the family structure, so they seek to remedy a situation that should not exist, without promoting Farm B declaring war on Farm A.

Modern conservatives, far from what I consider a true conservative or a Goldwater conservative(both of which are denounced as libs by modern conservatives), thinks we should allow Farm B to do whatever is necessary to compete with Farm A regardless of the consequences on society. They blame the worker for their situation, rather than the politicians that created it.

remember this is only an example in order to better explain what i am talking about above, and yes it is an over-simplification of the matters relating to our economy, but it should give you some what of a general idea.

I myself consider myself as independant, because I will always vote the best canidate That I feel has a chance of actually winning.


because I take a functional view of each and every issue.

While I am conservative in my beliefs on abortion, I am liberal in my beliefs on how the government should handle this particular issue.

this is for the simple fact, that more laws = larger government = higher taxes to enforce them

If you want lower taxes, you have to go with less laws, and a weaker less obtrusive government.

If you claim to want lower taxes and a less obtrusive government, you are only conflicting with your own interests, when you support the government to institute faith based laws.

I also don't feel spiritually responsible for the actions and personal decisions of everyone else. God gave us all the free will to choose to sin, or not to, do you think he is responsible if a person chooses to sin?

If i did feel spiritually responsible for the choices of others, then I would feel responsible for allowing them to have any and every right that could lead to a sin, which means i should support legislation from keeping people from sinning, and therfore supporting extreme right-wing theocracy and morale policing of Americans, creating more obtrusion and higher taxes.
Reply:I would say your Dad was a smart voter...he wasn't so one sided that he would vote for someone if they were his party no matter if they were the worst possible pick. I also vote for the best candidate, the one who can do the job, and that may be a Republican or it may be a Democrat. I will for sure not be so one sided that I miss doing what is best for America.
Reply:I'm with your dad. I'm 65 now and have seen it all. Raised in a blue collar home, no one took a penny from the government. It was like a sin! We always talked about politics and new the issues. Today, forget about it. We need the real America to stand up and take America back from these idiots on the far right and far left! Disgusting people!
Reply:Amen. Did you know Kennedy was tghe first to be called a "Neocon", which was the term "Michael Harrington" and the "American Socialist Party" gave to him for not being Liberal enough?

Reply:Because the DNC constantly shut up opposing views from conservative Democrats.
Reply:conservative is Republican which is terrible

Republicans should join Green Party
Reply:Liberals in general have a much higher IQ than conservatives.

Liberals are for liberty, the opposite of what conservatives want.
Reply:Just what are you trying to confess??

Good example of why the dixiecrats eventually joined the republican party.

They had the same argument!
Reply:Okay, dude, you and your dad are tough guys and working-class heroes. We get it.

If someone sits behind a desk all day and wants to feel tough, let 'em. You're better than them, and you know it. Fine. But they're the ones that vote with you to put Democrats in office instead of Republicans, so don't get too upset about them. They're on your side, remember?
Reply:Your theory and perceptions are flawed. You believe political ideologies only exist with people who hold certain jobs? What about republicans who drive a forklift? What about conservative democrats (there aren't that many) who have management jobs? Do you truly believe that in a nation of 300 million that every single political ideology or philosophy, isn't held by someone in every possible job classification? You must live in a small town somewhere in the midwest. You need to get out more.
Reply:The majority of Americans fall into a moderate category. Both extremes, either liberal Dems or Ultra conservatives alienate people and tend to be divisive forces in politics. By saying I am a conservative Dem, simply puts you within the moderate portion of that party just like a compassionate conservative is suppose to be the moderate part of the Republican party. The problem of course, that in a two party system, moderates can become drowned amidst the antics of the polarizing forces on each end. This is why there has been a growing trend for individuals to declare themselves as independent to avoid the stigmatization of these polarizing forces. It would be nice if we could someday find someone who could truly represent the moderates in this country.
Reply:Bless your father for being a hard worker. I imagine he is so disgusted by the platform of the democrat party today. My father was a democrat until Clinton and then he finally had enough. My father had worked in the union for most of his life, but it wasn't worth it anymore to vote in such incompetent corrupt crooks who only pander for their own power.
Reply:What about liberal democrats that are iron workers, dock hands, electricians, ect.

I think you are coonfusing the word liberal with crap that the republicans have spread.

liberal means, live and let live

liberal means to think outside the box

liberal means to question authority

liberal means to see others points and if you don't agree, agree with their right ot have an opinion

Conservative, I am a very conservative liberal.

Conservative when it comes to fiscal responsibility

Conservative when it comes to victums rights

conservative when it comes to illegal immigration

so as you can see

Reply:I believe that everyone has the right to have their own beliefs and that we should quit trying to pigeon-hole people into categories... I am a lot like your dad. I voted for Reagan, but haven't voted for a Republican since...what happened to Clinton?...last question, you said your dad thought Clinton was a good president

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