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Who did Draco Malfoy end up marrying?

And if we never find out (i'm not talking from the books, I know we don't know from the books, but maybe JKR let it out) then who do you think he married (not Pansy!).

And what about Neville? Wasn't it Hannah Abbot?

How old was Victoire? What about James (harry's son?) and Rose and Hugo?

Who did Draco Malfoy end up marrying?
draco married a girl called asteria greengrass (nice name, eh?) and she was also pureblood (as ron would say, poisonous toadstools don't change their spots).

neville became herbology professor at hogwarts, and is still close to harry and ron's families. he DID marry hannah abbott who became the new landlady of the leaky cauldron.

victoire was 17 or 18, in her final year at hogwarts. bill and fleur had her just after the victory (hence, victoire).

i think james is in his second year, because ginny mentioned writing 3 times a week LAST YEAR and it makes sense to me that the longer you are at hogwarts, the less letters you need and also she was relating to albus.

rose is in her first year, just like albus and scorpius.

hugo is two years younger, like lily.
Reply:Your'e in luck! I managed to get that answer from JK Rowling's website in her study.

Draco marries someone called Asterla Greengrass. Since there's no mention of her in the books, I assume she was home educated or went to another school.

far as I know, Neville did not marry (neither did Charlie Weaseley. Thats from the Weasley family tree I found in JK's study)

Rose is 11 as of the '19 yrs. later' thing in the last book. Hugo migt be the same age as Lily(Harry's dughter) seing as they are good friends. Victoire I don't know, but if I had to guess, I'd say she was 17 or 16, 'cos Teddy Lupin is going out with her, and he's 18(he was just born when the last battle came and this scene is 19 years later).

Hope the answers helped. If you wan't to find the whole family tree of the Weasleys(including who George married and Luna married) you can visit and try to enter her study by going back in time to December last year. Good Luck!
Reply:He marries someone called Astoria Greengrass.

They have a son, Scorpius.

Neville, yes it was Hannah Abbott. Nooo, i wanted luna/neville!

Victoire was probably in her 7th (last ) year. Teddy lupin came to see her off, he was 19 (remember he was born during the last book, and the epilogue was 19 years ater).

james was in his second or 3rd year. He had already gone to hogwarts before.

Rose Weasley is shown to be the eldest daughter to Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. In the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows epilogue, she is going off to her first year at Hogwarts. So shes 11 or turning 11 .

Hugo Weasley, as seen in the epilogue, is Hermione and Ron's younger child. He is about the same age as Harry and Ginny's daughter, Lily, therefore has not started Hogwarts yet.

The link below is where all the info is!!
Reply:Seriously, Draco's the kind of guy you expect to kill his dad and marry his mom.

Probably, considering how snooty and evil he is (though not murderously evil), I would say someone much younger and dumber and eager for status. I would also expect Draco not to marry anyone unless they were very beautiful or very well-connected, and probably he would demand both. Of course, there's no chance he'd fall for anyone less than a pureblood, and his parents wouldn't allow it, so his choices are probably very restricted. Maybe his parents can arrange a marriage for him with someone at Durmstrang (the British and German nobility is still very closely connected ). A foreign pureblood of appropriate snootiness who has fallen on hard times and is sufficiently good-looking would fit the bill quite nicely.

Reply:well seeing it was their first year, id say James and them were 11. um Neville, i think theyd make a good couple. and erm... Malfoy something tells me Pansy or Lavender.
Reply:im not sure i dont think they ever said
Reply:i'd guess draco married pansy parkinson - isn't she the one who was fawning all over him when he got slashed by buckbeak?

nevile and luna would make a good pair, and he sort of saves her in the order of the phoenix movie when she's mesmerized by the result of her first big spell.

seems like james is 12, and a second year (Harry and Ginny wrote to him three times a week the year before) and albus is 11, a first year. i think rose is 11 and a first year, too (albus is relieved to see her, she was wearing her brand-new Hogwarts robes and hermione scolds ron not to turn rose against scorpius before they even start school). it's "19 years later" than Teddy was born, and he's been seen snogging cousin victoire, so she's probably about the same age.
Reply:I think that all these questions will be answered in the HP Encyclopedia!
Reply:Dracos wife Asterla Greengrass is the younger sister of a girl we hear the name of in the fifth book during the OWLS she is called during Hermiones go at it.

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