Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why do guys these days try to look effeminate?

HELLO!!! You are a man, act like one!!!

Men dressing like pansies is not attractive. Stop.

Why do guys these days try to look effeminate?
i dont know, personally i like it.

my guy friends joke about me being a lesbian, because i like feminine guys and support gay rights.

but you have to agree, theres a certain middle ground. No one wants a man thats TOO manly either.
Reply:Finally, someone that thinks the same way I do. I am not sure why you would pick some slack a s s dude to replace a real man. I think it is the Hollywood influence, but whatever it is I wish they would stop. If a man wears the same size pants as I do (size 4) why do I need him. He cant protect me, I might just have to have his back. Besides when we get down to business, I want a man that can throw that D, if he is prettier and more svelte than me I would feel like I'm laying up with another girl.
Reply:Oh, I absolutely agree with you. Guys should NOT be wearing women's pants nor should they be wearing "skinny" jeans.

I think that men have seen how women react to gay, fashionable men. Many women rant and rave about how wonderful and stylish their gay friends are to the point that their boyfriends or whatever have tried it out and just stuck with it. I hope this fad dies, and VERY soon.
Reply:THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!! I am sick of it too! And I have always hated the whole pink shirt thing. Guys say "why is it just a girls' color?" IT DOESN'T MATTER WHY, IT JUST IS!!!!! That's why you have blue and we have pink. If you wanna dress like one, go ahead and come out of the closet. That whole 'metrosexual' thing has just caught on and people have ran with it. You can't even tell anymore who's straight and who's gay. I know we may want our men to look good, but I still want my man to LOOK like a MAN! Thank God that my husband doesn't care about all that crap! He has never been into what's 'popular', he does and wears what he wants and what he is comfortable doing. I am so glad I'm not the only woman out there that feels this way. BE A MAN!!!!!
Reply:Their all trying to be metrosexual=dressing like gay men without themselves turning into gay men.
Reply:It's not "effeminate". In my case, it's easier for me to skateboard without my board getting hung on my jeans. In others, it's just the new trend. Emo/scene/hardcore guys wear tight pants. And how are you to know what men are supposed to act like? I notice you keep saying the word "men". Well, I'm not a man. I'm barely even a teenager. If I WAS a man, I wouldn't wear tight pants. Cause old guys in tight pants is creepy.
Reply:Well to each their own I think.
Reply:i guess it's just easier for guys and girls to share pants?

but seriously, it's because some men like to look a little more sleek, baggy clothes are absolutely disgusting for the most part, unless you're contrasting baggy and slim-fitting in an outfit. but baggy jeans are just gross. really. also, dressing that way doesn't change their attitude, therefore they can still act like men without dressing bad.

maybe women and gay men shouldn't be the only ones who can be fashionable? just a thought.
Reply:Sorry, but I can't stand a hairy, smelly, slobbish guy.

Since when is hygiene a bad thing, anyway? Besides, guys who know fashion and aren't afraid to admit it *ALWAYS* give better gifts. Yeah, call me spoiled...but then, I've always been a bit of a f ag-hag anyway.

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