Thursday, January 12, 2012

Are pansies annuals or perennials?

Looking to add them to my flower garden. If they don't come back next year is there a similar looking flower that will?

Are pansies annuals or perennials?
generally t hey are annuals. However there is a new strain called "Icicle pansies" that do overwinter.

I have some in my garden right now.

I enjoyed their fall bloom. ( actually even got them at a reduced price at the end of last season but still had a few weeks of colour.)

Now they are blooming their little heads off and have been doing it for almost a month I think.

They look foor gorgeous.
Reply:Pansies, like most species of *Viola* are perennials. They don't live very long usually, but more than a year. That is if you give them the right conditions. They need good moist soil. Maybe sun, maybe shade. It depends on where you live.

I'm at 4200 feet and grow pansies in the shade during summer, and in full sun in the winter. I;ve had them bloom thru the snow.

But, generally in the flower biz they are teated like annuals. They often bloom and get looking scraggaly. Especially in summer. So they get replanted.

They will also reseed and continue making new plants on thier own.

The newer hybrids of *Viola cornuta* are hardier and longer lasting than the old pansies, *V. whitrockianna*. The flowers are a little smaller but the plants are stronger.

There are lots of plants that can do the same visual thing in the garden. But knowing where you live (the climate zone) and where you are planting. The soil too. Lots of variables.

Just buy the pretty things and plant them. And keep going to the nursery and asking questions.
Reply:Pansies are usually annuals...they like spring and fall like temeratures. Cool nights and warm days.

Viola's are pansies and are the most hardiest. Most gardening folks will plant pansies in early spring which will provide color until early summer. THe hot summertime temps will make them look leggy and ugly. Remove them and replace with hot weather plants.
Reply:there re 2 types - annuals and perennial. perennial have much smaller flowers (at least where i live). and where i live they just grow in the forest - have very small flowers

by the way, just to add about pansies - they grow everywhere - in the sun and in shade, they tolerate low temperatures and even some frost, so if u live in northern country u may plant them the first even if there is a risk of night frost
Reply:It all depends on your climate.Try Johnny Jump-Ups. They belong to the Pansy family but are a perennial that will self seed its self and come back every year. They can be invasive and will bloom all summer long,just pinch off dead flowers this will help with the spreading as well. They are cute and I grow them in the border of my garden and they will pretty much grow anywhere. Happy gardening and good luck
Reply:Unfortunately, they're annuals--I just planted 2 flats, and i'll have to do it again next year.
Reply:annuals which self seed in warmer zones.
Reply:Pansies are an annual. They must have sunlight. I don't know of a similiar flower.
Reply:neither there flowers


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