Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why does it seem the youth of today are YELLOW BELLY SISSY'S?

They say they are FOR the war and the President yet don't enlist? They claim to believe Bush yet don't want the draft because they FEAR they may have to serve their country. They believe in the Bush propaganda machine because they must be TOO scared to see the truth. Is it because you’re a bunch of selfish rotten crybabies because your idiot parents are also blubbering idiots? Is it because you go to church and listen to the draft dodger priests that can say nothing but babble on about Row V Wade and that Darwin is wrong and Creationism is the ONLY answer? Or could it be that the youth of today are just a bunch of pansies?

They parrot the Bush administration by saying someone like John Kerry is soft yet he holds a Purple Heart and Distinguished Service Medal, yet Bush Pig and Chaney Pig can't claim anything other than being draft dodgers. WTF is up with the stupid youth of today?

Why does it seem the youth of today are YELLOW BELLY SISSY'S?
so, before i say my bit, i am a Soldier... i enlisted in december 2001 a week after i turned 17.. that was 2 years before the iraq invasion started... i hate the war... i think the freedom of the country of iraq is not worth my blood or the blood of any other American.... those SOB's don't deserve my blood... they don't deserve the money we spend over there "liberating" them and they don't deserve freedom... i enlisted in the army, i learned how to speak arabic and i work in military intelligence and i've fought in iraq, afghanistan, and africa... and i'll do it again.... its not my place to think about whether the war is good or any of that crap... i'm a Soldier, a machine... i take orders and execute them with precision and without hesitation.. it makes me sad to see how many people i graduated with just have done nothing with their lives... they work at the mall or maybe at walmart and i'm pouring my blood out because my Commander in Chief has ordered me to do it... fine... i wish i was defending MY country... but anyway, our society is a bunch of Pu$$ies now... i don't know how it will change and i can only see it getting worse in the future... even the army these days is full of pu$$ies... people always complaining about "Equal Opportunity" cuz they didn't get the position they want... or the PT test is too tough for females so they lower the standard for themm.... all BS... Toughen Up!!
Reply:because their liberal teachers and professors are teaching them to protest everything instead of supporting.
Reply:I think that you are wrong in lumping all of Americas youth into that category. In my time, some of the youth did the same thing as well as through-out our history. Remember the Civil War some people who could afford to bought their way out of the draft. The last time that I read up on this wars casualties most of ours were young people. Come to think of it, almost every war casualties are young people in uniform. I volunteered for Desert Storm and was told that I was to old and that they had plenty of people like me. My reply," I can stop a bullet just as quick as a young person can", but to no avail. I am one of those blubbering idiot parents. I guess that I must be a pansy also because I never want to see my son or grandchildren or any youth go to war. My Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, 4 Bronze Stars with "V" Device (for valor), 7 Air Medals with "V" device,3 Army Commendation Medals with "V" device,3 Purple Heart Medals and my Combat Infantryman's Badge kind of made me think that way and do you know what... all of my medals and $1.25 will buy me a cup of coffee. When a youths time comes to serve, most will. I earned those medal from ages 19 to 21 years old. I grew old way before my time or any youths time but such is the fate of a lot of mankind. No, I have faith in today's youth and tomorrows to, for if wasn't for a lot of our youth wearing our country's uniforms there would be no tomorrow.(PS: Sucking chest wound from a 7.62, shrapnel in the arms, legs, chest, penis, and scrotum from a 75mm recoilless rifle round and two Chi-com grenades over a period of three tours, two kind-of cut short. I was a youth. Like you.
Reply:I have seen these kids in action.

They have put on the uniform, traveled to the other side of the world and risked their lives in order to allow the Iraqi people to vote.

Yes, they walk around with headphones on all the time, they play their music too loud, and they wear their pants so low that are in danger of falling off - but when pus comes to shove they went to war, and fought with honor, courage, skill and determination.

I am very proud of the fact that these kids thought enough of me to let me lead them.

I would say that on their worst day - these kids are better men an women than you can ever hope to be.
Reply:Bad parenting.

Military service would teach them a lot...
Reply:We know different youth than I do. I know strong, brave intelligent men %26amp; women who are willing to serve their country, who vote their conscience not yours, they see the truth but the drugs you use have not warped their thinking. My minister at church was a Green Beret not a loser like you. You should recogmize a crybaby since your whining is so loud. It is always hard to lose isn't it, you should know.
Reply:Because they are. They are spoiled whiny brats, with over protective parents, who succumb to their every whim. It's all about ME, now, and not about WE. Very sad.
Reply:They've been given too much, and not made to take responsibility for anything.
Reply:people dont support the war they support the soldiers and would you enlist to go get shot at in a giant catlitter box? if you look at statistics the majority of deaths in iraq are young soldiers. parents dont want this for their kids so they encourage college where they can get a job and utilize the skills they use when they get out. dont get me wrong my bf is military but i dont wish for my kids to go through all that and neither does he. he tells me if anything happens to him to make sure our kids dont follow in his footsteps.
Reply:its cuase of the country is full of dumbass politicians and no one wants to go through protest like the ones during nam

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