Thursday, January 26, 2012

Someone is threatening me, what should I do?

I am a retired military man, and dedicate my spare time to my garden. Especially I like pansies. One day I was passing a garden, and there was my name, and a threat, planted in pansies. It said: "Death to Major Brown". What does it mean?

Someone is threatening me, what should I do?
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Reply:Perhaps G. K. Chesterton knows the answer ?

Update for Phirefighter - Don't be so quick to judge people. The askers comments are partly from a book by said author.

He's also no more a retired military man than Mickey Mouse is.

Also I believe that 'ny' and 'phirefighter' are the same person.
Reply:Gormenghast his it right I beleive. As you stated, you were passing a garden and it was in the pansies that you saw what you believe to be a threat.

Since it was in pansies, I take it that someone knows these are your favorite flower. I think if they meant business, they would destroy your flowers, especially the pansies. When the threats come to your doorstep, that's the time to contact the police.
Reply:This Guy is totally lost it man, get reporting and get rid of this crazy.
Reply:it sounds like kids playing a sick joke. you said you were passing "A" garden? does this mean it was someone ELSE'S garden that had a threat planted with your name on it? If so, then the owner of the garden needs some lessons in basic law. This is a legitimate threat, since it is written and visible to you and the public. It's on THEIR property, so it shows ownership, and has YOUR name, so there IS a victim. I'd notify the police, and file for a restraining order at once.

As for gormenghast10014, and handyman......GROW UP!!!! This man served his country, as have I, for little PUKES like you!!!!!! If you don't have something constructive to say, go outside and play with your dolls!!!

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