Thursday, January 26, 2012

What is the best Protable Media Device (Ipod, Zen, Others)?

I wanted to know which PMD would be a good buy to take along side with you when going on long trips or anything else for that matter of fact.

I always used my Mobile Phone for doing such things, but after having traveled for 3 hours in a Plane, 2 hours in a Bus, 1 hour to rich a site and re-do all the trip again to back home I realized that the small 1GB Phone wasn't going to cut it anymore then more can be done.

So here is my question...which PMD is a good buy so that I may:

-Watch Movies on it

-Listen to music on it

-Watch Pictures on it

-Has a long batter life

-Is carefree

PS: Please, have mercy on me and don't post Ipod out the top of your head, while it IS a good product, I simply find it too common for my tastes and (to a certain extent) pansy. Plus it has a more complicated Transfer Program as well shorter battery life compared to some others...

What is the best Protable Media Device (Ipod, Zen, Others)?
I personally like the products by Archos.

I have used Zen and IPOD also. Archos is the best in my eyes.

FYI the IPOD is an over hyped piece of junk. It's really slow to load large movie files. Does not support many of the common formats. And I had a lot of troubel getting the movies and MP3s that I stole on Lime to work with it.

If you want to buy all your stuff go for it other wise get a Creative Zen or one of the Archos products.

Check for prices.
Reply:The best device for someone in your situation is the the cowon A2. it is a personal media player that plays video, music,has an fm radio and can show pictures.The a2 can read various formats for both audio (mp3,wma,ogg,flac) and video (divx,wmv,mpeg), actually it is the only device which is divx certified.The A2 has a gorgous 12 million colour 4 inch widescreen (perfect for movies).It also has sound enchancment circuitry like BBE, and mach3 bass,3d surround, it is the best sounding device out there.

the a2 also is umd compliant which means you can either use the cowon software or just drag and drop your files(it acts as a portable harddrive).it is compatible with mac ,windows or linux users.The best part of the a2 is the battery life which has a 10 hour video life (best in the market) ,this great for air trips.The A2

can be purchased at retailers such as newegg.

for more info you can visit at

Good luck in the search for a good device

they nickle and dime you to death, but the iPod is easiest to use.

I have a 60G with far I have 6 movies, a couple of TV shows...

no problems at all.
Reply:I think Creative Zen - stable and less fraught with DMR problems than an Ipod. I've heard the service is a bit slack though
Reply:Iriver does what you want too. However the only reason I would answer Ipod is because I have one and it great. The 30 gig video is good for short pod casts, but not great for movies. Would take forever to transfer files. Well that is my experience. Good Luck.

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