Thursday, January 26, 2012

What do you know/think about rugby (Americans only)?

I live in Ireland and i hear that in america rugby is kinda like a pansy sport, well it's certainly not like that here. no helmets, no armours, Plus rugby players don't put dark goth lipstick on their cheeks and

don't play with scooter crash helmets on their heads.

Although some known fruit cakes in the game have of late begun to wear

little glovies and wings have started padding their shoulders to look

good for the crumpets on the pavilion.

I really am just curious what the stereotype is over there.

What do you know/think about rugby (Americans only)?
WE DO HAVE RUGBY IN THE USA!!! i have been playing rugby for 15 years. it is definitely more developed in the north eastern states and west (california) but is starting to become more popular. some high schools are starting to play it too!! most people dont find rugby until college becasue it is not televised here AT ALL. and becasue of that, it is sometimes seen stereotypically as a partying, drunken sport. because i play, i think it is way better than football (american- gridiron- i guess you call it) its constant action, whereas in football, play stops and starts. football's stop and go play is more beneficial to sponsors and commercials and therefore has been televised more than rugby here. a lot of people dont even know what rugby is. i had someone say "i like horses too" after i told her i played rugby... talking about polo! most cities have at least one rugby team now. we are becoming more skilled as the sport becomes more popular. if we put 1/2 the effort into rugby than we do into football, we'd have a world class usa eagles team for sure.
Reply:Im an american too, you know... I live in Argentina.
Reply:Well we don't really have rugby over here. We have something similair, which we call football (for you in the UK, soccer is football. Its all a bit confusing, even to me).

%26amp; most guys that flay college football or professionally are considered really tough, its not a pansy sport.

Personally, I really like playing football with my guy friends. It gives me an excuse to tackle them %26amp; crush them ^_^
Reply:Who the hell cares what "Americans Only" think ?

Hello . . . ! This is answers international.
Reply:We don't really have padding over here.....

I think the pplz who don't know about rugby think its the British version of football.....But not really.....

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