Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's eating my pansies?

It eats pansies, anemones and tulips. It chomps the ends, but also can eat a hole through the middle of the petals and leaves. I've tried slug pellets but I suspect it's something else. Any tips?

What's eating my pansies?
turn the leave up side down look under it most bugs and larva live under the leave.and you didn't state what state your in any lower then VA you got the caterpillars out now or gypsy moths as they are called they will clean you out good Lowes sell all purpose killer get some and spray
Reply:Last year I found little green catapillers to be doing something similar to mine. I'd find them and then toss them in the weeds where I didn't care if they ate until they popped. Look under the leaves and petals, they like to hide when the sun comes out, and they blend in with the stems.

If it's slugs or snails you'll see they're shiny "trail" on the plants.
Reply:Sprinkle some Seven Powder ( available at most hardware stores %26amp; garden sections of the stores)on them. It will kill most bugs %26amp; is good for the plant as well.
Reply:I have never had anything like that happen to my plants, but I live in a cold climate. I know squirrels love toe eat tulip bulbs, but I have never heard of them eating the leaves. You could try to put a circle of sand or crushed egg shells around a plant. This dries up the mucus that the slugs use to move (if in deed it is slugs). Best of luck.


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