Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why do so many people dislike soccer?

I don't understand it. A lot of people call it a pansy sport and say it's for weak people who are afraid of getting hurt.

Why do so many people dislike soccer?
i thought it was mostly liked world wide.
Reply:It's boring if you don't understand it.

I find it pretty exciting, but I wish they would call more fouls, to open up the game a bit.

More scoring would help.
Reply:It's very boring to me.
Reply:same thing why %26lt;some%26gt; not many people in Europe think that American football is for "braindead" people.

some American "BOYS" ot "men" whatever people call them called "soccer" as a gamer for "gay" people...when i heard that I was really laughing. but they never answered WHY? :)

Personally I love soccer. My favorite teams" Dynamo" Kiev, "Liverpool" UK
Reply:they dont score enuff points and to me its just boring i tried to watch it and couldnt last 2 minutes i'll take golf, swimming, or even curling in the olympics over soccer
Reply:I'm pretty thoroughly indifferent to it.
Reply:If you're talking about people in the US, it's new to us here. Give it time.
Reply:i don't know either, because it is a fun sport and i enjoy playing soccer.
Reply:Some day, do yourself a favor and get your hands on the 2 seasons of a show called Sports Night. It's worth watching (I own it and have watched it MANY times).

The reason I bring it up is, one of the main characters (an anchor on a sports show) HATES soccor.

I gather it's because of the low scores.

In one show, while doing the sports show-within-the-show he reports a bunch of 1-0 games, mentions "an offensive slugfest" of 2-1, and suggests they make the nets bigger.

It's funny. It's the number ONE sport in the world, but is not popular in the U.S.

I don't do any sports, so I don't know.

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