Monday, February 13, 2012

Ahaha..i got many violation notices have you gotten?

some pansy reported me because my question had the word 'kumquat' in it. man that's hilarious. i think it's my third one.

Ahaha..i got many violation notices have you gotten?
i get about 5 a day..stupid snitches cant handle the truth
Reply:I've had 3 or 4
Reply:i've only had 1...
Reply:none yet
Reply:None Today So Far~ Lost 1st Account To One Violation...

I Actually Don't Care Anymore....
Reply:I've had about thirty...and one warning of an account termination. Yahoo Answers is effed! Uh-oh...I may get reported for cursing Yahoo. The Yahoo Gods will be angry!
Reply:3 times in one day for me, yesterday i got two
Reply:Four. And all for stupid stuff. My outrageous posts never get reported.
Reply:some ppl just report us for no reason..

I already got like, 6!!
Reply:I've gotten like 10!
Reply:Just one today... I've already lost 2 accounts though so I'm trying to be good.
Reply:Only one, and it was for insinuating that someones favorite song sucked.
Reply:kumquat?? wow..thats stupid..
Reply:i believe about 10 times.that sucks!!!!!
Reply:3 as well. People are pathetic sometimes!
Reply:Somewhere between 5 and 10
Reply:I have had a few removed which peeved me off because there was nothing wrong with them. There are some good people but every now and then they allow idiots to enter and then it goes straight to hell.
Reply:i got 2 accounts deleted right before getting to level 4
Reply:i have gotten over 20, so don't feel bad!
Reply:Iv had about 25 so far. I got 15 in one day because some loser decided to stalk me. Others I got at other various times, most of them were for NOTHING. Some people on here are pathetic and they'll flag your q%26amp;a's because they're jealous or complete retards. Sorry to hear you encountered one!
Reply:Lots and lots. It's a ridiculous system.

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