Monday, February 13, 2012

Can anyone tell me an insult?

i have a problem, i know its a problem, please don't lecture me on it in your answer. in a non-anti-semitic intent, i call people Jews, its meant to be an insult, any way i know a lot of Jews and i don't think its right for me to say this or anyone. if you could tell me some 'school appropriate insults' that will get my point across, but without being a jerk. Please no pansy insults, like ,u silly fart.

Thank you.

Can anyone tell me an insult?
If you were only hald intelligent, you wouldn’t ask such question.

No offence meant, I just complied to your question!!!

You are welcome
Reply:ur sir are an asshole Report It
Reply:stupid, moron, idiot, get a life, stop breathing, etc. doesn't have to be imaginative.
Reply:How can you hope to insult someone and not sound like a jerk? And why not? You don`t want to back up your speech? Insult the people you want and accept the consequences like a man.
Reply:Why not just treat the people you want to insult with respect? It throws them off gaurd and makes you the better person. That in itself can piss them off. As oxymoronic as it sounds, you can develop a more clever response technique, and show a bit of class.
Reply:cheap son of a ******

see ? easy...

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