Monday, February 13, 2012

Should i just buy it?

I want to buy a ringtone

and my mom is being a pansy

and not letting me

download it

i have singular and they charge you $2.49 per ringtone

so should i just download it?

my mom pays $10 for my bill

cause we have a family plan

so should i just buy it?

Should i just buy it?
we have the same situation i just downloaded mine and payed my mom the $2.50 and she was not mad just pay her back for the ringtone after you download it.
Reply:no, do not buy it, download into your cell phone if you can connect it to a computer. They are such a rip off, bc eventually ull get tired of that song and you'll get a new one. Unless you can get someone elses SIM card and then DL it to your phone :)
Reply:You're a minor, so do what your mom says. Why piss off your mom for a crappy ringtone? That's stupid.

Wait until you're older, have your own phone contract, and pay for the phone yourself to download crap.
Reply:If you think that is the better thing

to do, then yeah, go ahead and

buy it. . Whatever is Cheaper.
Reply:download free mp3 ringtone from ur laptop n transfer it to ur phone as a ringtone. its free of charge
Reply:Just try making your own ringtones
Reply:They say it is easier to apologize than ask permission - but then it will be even easier for your mom to take the phone away. Do you already have a copy of the full song you want as a ring tone and does your phone support mp3 ring tones? If so, you can download some free software to cut it into a nice ring tone.

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