Monday, February 13, 2012

Who else is sick of Eric implying that D&D have a sexual relationship and all the LNC members hiding out......

I keep updated by going to and reading about everything that is going on.

I think I've read the Eric has implied about 10 times today already that Dick and Daniele have a sexual relationship.

The last thing he said about them was about Dick %26amp; Dani repairing their relationship:

Eric said "They can repair it because come this fall, she'll have a baby... and it will be his."

What an freakin loser Eric is. I mean come on how lame. This kid needs to grow up.

What a pansy-a**. Can't be man enough and say it to their faces. He has to hide up in the HOH room and bash them behind their backs. I mean atleast Dick says what he is thinking. Grow some balls Eric and everyone else in the LNC. I can't believe they all hide out int he HOH room. Isn't the whole house everyone's?

Who else is sick of Eric implying that D%26amp;D have a sexual relationship and all the LNC members hiding out......
I am! Those people are lame.
Reply:Yeah, I get the live feeds and I saw Eric make that comment about Daniele being pregnant with Dick's baby. I had to do a double take and make sure I heard him right.

He thinks he's funny. He thinks he's smart and that he's planting seeds of doubt. In actuality, he's a dorky vertically challenged guy with entirely too many facial ticks who walks and talks and acts like a weasel.

Jessica is getting more and more annoyed with him everyday. Hopefully, she'll wise up and realize what a sleaze he is.
Reply:He's actually sick! Even to imply such a thing. I don't care how mad he is at someone. He's showing his true colors-what a sick person he is.
Reply:so what dick has verbally attack everyone in the house so they both talk behind each others back. and dick said how he want to rape jen and kail until they bleed? eric can say what the hell he wants
Reply:Jeez, watch the actual feeds yourself and you'd know where this is coming from...DUSTIN said a few weeks ago he thought it would be a great BB twist if D%26amp;D turned out to be a couple instead of fathr and daughter bc it would throw everyone off. Yet another conspirisy theory gone wild...

How come no one flipped out about all the conspirisy theories D%26amp;D came up with and bitched at everyone for?

They are all chicken and hate how dick just says what is on his mind! I LOVE DICK %26amp; DANI
Reply:Well all the crap ED has been saying is equally as horrible--not that it makes it ok, it doesn't--but at the same time I can see why they are making just as hurtful remarks...
Reply:Personally, I would like to see the other house guests wake up and get a clue!!! Eric has lied to all of them at least once. I'd like to see Dani or Dick win the POV and the house guests backdoor either Eric or Dustin. Preferably Eric!!! That's just my opinion!!!

I love Dick and Dani!! Dick keeps things interesting in the house. What a boring show it would be without the two of them!!
Reply:I totally agree! What is with CBS this season? Who there is Eric related to?

Media biggies like Fox News and CNN jump on Amber's ignorant Anti-Semitic rant; and CBS issues a statement, part of which says, "We certainly find the statements made by Amber Siyavus on the live Internet feed to be offensive and they will not be part of any future broadcast on the CBS Television Network".

Have I missed the media uproar about Eric's slanderous accusations of incest? Does CBS not find that offensive? Shouldn't they all be outraged about those kinds of malicious allegations? Why are the BB producers actually telling other house guests in the diary room they can trust Eric and/or they need to keep in the house? Something isn't right here! I'm going to write CBS and probably FoxNews while I'm at it.

As a side note, should we be outraged about Fox News and Bill O'Reilly? Who are they to point fingers at a TV show? Sorry for the rant and getting side-tracked.,2933,2929...

Edited to say: As for Dustin "starting" this, there is a huge difference between a comment about their dating being a possible twist and Eric's continuing accusations of incest. Two losers don't make it right.
Reply:He is scum. That is not funny

All the Christians, none of them said stop, that's not funny

I hope Dani wins HoH next week, if she there.

Jen and Zack are in the hoh room to kiss up to Jess

Dustin seems to be playing with himself with keys.

I hope Jess puts up Dustin up.

The more I see Eric, the Sleazier he gets.
Reply:I have lost all interest in what he's got to say.

I think we as "America" should make him do things he wouldn't if he weren't America's Player, like getting his friend nominated, voting out his friends.

I heard that if he wins HOH, we pick who he gets to nominate because he's playing for us, and so on.

I WISH HE WINS HOH, that would be the best show ever for him to nominate, let's say, Jessica and Amber.

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