Monday, February 13, 2012

Why are cows so scary???

Seriously, they freak me out. My ex-boyfriend's mom owns a farm, and one day he took me out into the cow pasture (in some strange 4WD golf cart) so that I could get a tour of the area. I thought I was going to start to cry. I was that scared. Cows are dumb, but there's something sinister about those vacant eyes. Why was I such a pansy? They were only cows.

Why are cows so scary???
Cows don't have cloven foot, but if they did so what? Anyway if you had to walk around all day with a four gallon bag of milk hanging between your legs, you would go vacant too.

Be scared, so what. These smart a**es that make fun of you think they are invincible because of the latest rap song they heard. At least you go outside.
Reply:i love cows!!! do u know how maternal and smart they are! I LOVE THEIR EYES!
Reply:well, one shouldn't be wandering about a field of cows anyhow. if you disturb them or spook them they'll charge. p.s. they hate having their photos taken!
Reply:some people just have their weired have a phobia of cows...just like some people have a phobia of spiders...yours is just a little less common. but there are all kinds of people with weired phobias...a girl in my high school had a phobia of its just a weired phobia you have
Reply:Cows are not scary it is the bulls that you have to worry about because the can be mean and charge at any thing.
Reply:Your just a pansied city girl.

I love cows to especially when their on my plate.

Once you around them you get use to them.

The Bull!! Now, He is the one you gotta watch.

When He is with His cows - herd, Not all of them will, but if your in there messing with his stash when they're in heat.

Reply:!st why are u scared of them and then u will have ur answer... is it cuz they are big and just stand around or what
Reply:lol its also scared of cows, goats, dogs, cats, snakes, and so ans scared of almost every animal and insects
Reply:yup that's pretty dumb.
Reply:well they weigh couple tons, have horns.. Well some of them.. Cloven Foot? and those big vacant eyes as well... Just take a hamburger next time and use it in place of a crucifix


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