Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gawd help the one who reported me for....?

Actually I don't even know what the big deal was. Some sensitive pansy reporting me for a song quote I guess. Just wanted to know about what people think of the theme song to "Bleach" on Adult Swim.

Yeah just don't let me find out who it was. I don't bother people, and therefore have a history of being very sore at those who bother me unprovoked.

Gawd help the one who reported me for....?
yeah and they let a white supremacist on here and a bunch of us got kicked off including my friend! pansy asses! yup. you go girl!
Reply:Reported you for a song quote? I like adult swim...but I am not sure what song your talking about...
Reply:well just try to over look them. I just got reported 4 saying fart.
Reply:i know what you mean ..... some people on here need to get a little thicker skin and stop being little "bleeped section here"
Reply:well I just gave you a star
Reply:pretty funny that you ask a question about something like that and get reported, but others can have an avatar of a womans private parts and nothing gets done.
Reply:that sux

*hug *kiss

cheer up

prolly a f-a-g
Reply:weird people
Reply:It'll be ok. I know how you feel!

Some people are jerks and think they can get away with anything.

Just ignore that and keep on having fun here!
Reply:I'll give you a star too..Too much racist drivel is allowed..mind you..they do try to exclude these a hateful world,they slip in though..Remind anybody of their History..
Reply:I'm right there with ya, its getting ridiculous!
Reply:What the h e l l would you do to that person if you knew who it was? What COULD you do? Curious.
Reply:You have any right to react as you think best
Reply:it was me! lol i remember, nah just playing. that sucks though
Reply:Same thing here! :-(

they're pathetic .
Reply:never saw the question, and i don't watch adult swim, so it wasn't me. honest!

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