Monday, February 13, 2012

Could our u.s. servicemen quit whining and complaining like a bunch of pansies?

you signed up VOLUTARILY TO DO THIS JOB, YOU GET A PAYCHECK, shut up about not enough protective armor, fight you way onto a well dug in beach with nothing but a freaking helmet and a rifle like our grandfathers did, then come talk to me

and YOU ARE NOT DEFENDING MY are invading a sovereign nation and occupying it for not reason


you want to be a patriot? desert your unit because this war is neither moral or logical

Could our u.s. servicemen quit whining and complaining like a bunch of pansies?
you poor pathetic excuse for a man...

Who's complaining and whining? I loved the Army. You never have everything you'd like to have when you go to war. We made due with what we had and we're doing a damn good job. Look at the ratio of US soldiers killed against the enemy. Now compare to every previous war.

Yes, our grandfathers were tough SOBs, but then they also had the luxury of knowing who the enemy was and not having CNN riding shotgun as they commited "atrocities" all over Europe and the Pacific.

And you're right. I couldn't care less about YOUR freedom. I fought for my country. Soldiers don't get to weigh the pros and cons of why? or what if? This Union will be around long after you are, and I am fighting to preserve it, because I know the world is better off with a United States than without one.

And as long as we are the sole remaining superpower, there will be terrorism. As long as there in inequality and poverty, there will be terrorism. And inevitably, someday, it will reach our shores and you liberal, traitorous, hippies will get front row seats to the kind of horror i've seen. You know what? I can't wait. Then well see who is whining and crying.
Reply:Puberty is very hard for you isn't it?
Reply:Some is very jealous, did a serviceman beat your ***, or sleep with you mom????
Reply:They're complaining? Exactly what are you doing? I'm pretty sure you might have something to say if you didn't have the necessary equipment to do your job properly. If you call that complaining, then you really are a troubled soul. Why would you even be on a military site?
Reply:They have computers in prison? Say hi to your bunkmate!

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