Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is there an easy way out?

so many of my friends have tried to commit that the easy way out? is that a good idea? i am not suicidal i am just curious because personally i find it to be the pansy way out (no offense if you are suicidal)

Is there an easy way out?
you are so rite it is the pansy way out, Sounds like u have a good mind %26amp; a good head on ur shoulders maybe talk w/counselor @ shool over some anti-suicide seminars !! :)d
Reply:When a person commits suicide, they are technically mentally ill.

Suicidal people have lost all hope. It is as if they are actually in a deep, deep well with utter blackness around them. They may see a small point of light way above them as a way out, but they have lost all hope of ever reaching it. They feel totally trapped in time and space. So they free themselves in what they believe is the only way they have - they kill themselves.
Reply:suicide is never the way out. something will allways come along.
Reply:No becasue it is just ending your life because of stress. God put every human on earth for a reason. and it will also cause their family alot of stress and pain
Reply:Easy on who?????????

maybe for the person if they succeeded but what about the people that love them is it easy for them? NO!

for the people that didn't succeeded then its never easy for them because yhey have to carry that guilt around and now they have a bigger problem than the is a corward's way out!
Reply:Why would they try that? that is the cowards way out. They are not strong enough to face life, I have no sympathy for people who take their own lives, sorry
Reply:its good to commit suicide coz, 1)It shows how stupid u are and 2)it makes your eulogy cool as in people take you as a loser and laugh at the fallen fool.
Reply:N00000. THAT iS N000T AN EASY WAY 0UT!!! its just a way people think they should end their life since most of the time others treat them like theyre dead anyway... but never! we have life for a reason... T0 LIVE IT, go through struggles, but learn from them and GR0W!!!!
Reply:Guess it is the easy way out, but out to where.... maybe that place will be worse than here who knows? I just think you can get over most of life's problems so i just carry on anyway
Reply:SUICIDE is NOT the answer to anything. People who commit it don't realize that it does not solve anything and only causes SOOO much pain to the people they leave behind.
Reply:no its a cop off

but fair play to people who went threw with it i couldnt

but no i think your stronger for livingso yes pansy way out
Reply:People commit suicide for many different reasons. But the it's always because they can't think of anything better. They need a reason to go on with life. Life gets tough sometimes very tough. Mostly they need a friend who will listen and show compassion for them.

The best thing you can do for ANYONE friend or not is to open your heart to them. If you're not willing to help find someone who is.

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