Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hp7- Confusion?

1. Harry marries Luna, has 1 kid.

2. Hermione marries Malfoy. Has 6 kids.

3. Neville proposes to Parvati, but stabbed him instead.

4. Bellatrix makes Tonks jealous by kissing Lupin

5. Ginny dies because of a strong imperius curse.

6. Fleur dyes her hair red and leaves Bill for Hagrid.

7. Dumbledore murders Fudge and becomes minister

8. Padma and Seamus have 2 kids

9. Krum becomes a bum and kills Malfoy.

10. Voldy changes his name to Joe

11. Lucius kills Bellatrix after leaving Narcissa

12. Dean changes him name to Randy and marries Pansy shortly after the war.

13. Ron and Gabrielle Delacour marry

14. Ginny comes back to life and murders Luna

15. Percy find out he is actually straight and marries Penelope Clearwater.

Is this true. Oh, Im confused.

Hp7- Confusion?
1. false. harry marries ginny and has 3 kids

2. hermione marries ron and has 2 kids. draco has 1 with whom is not mentioned.

3. this was not menttioned in book so false.

4. false

5. ginny lives.

6. false. fluer is blonde and stays with bill. they have 1 kid.

7. dumbledore was already dead. so false! kingsley bcame minister in the end.

8. false as far as i knw cuz it is not said.

9. once again not said. false.

10. no.

11. he does not leave his wife. bellatrix does die though. molly weasly kills her.

12. nope!

13. no ron and hermione.

14. ginny never died nor did luna.

15. no.

u must have not read it.
Reply:all is false if you want the true story you should read the book
Reply:hehe we made up situations like this before we got the book, my favorite being Mr Weasley dumps his lumpy wife and marries Bellatrix =)
Reply:You are BEYOND confused!!!
Reply:None of that happened.
Reply:Don't worry, as soon as Hermione takes the confundling curse off her parents, she will visit you
Reply:You need to contact the website All the details are there. Pax - C

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