Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Indian Minor Birds attacking my Cat!?

I have Indian Minor Birds nesting in my Laundry roof and they have just had babies. I did not mind at first, I was a little worried about bird lice at first but as the laundry is outside I left them. Now they are getting really aggressive and attacking my kitty everytime he steps one foot outside, or when he is eating or even when he is sitting on the windowsill! Maybe if he was not such a pansy, he would take care of them himself! But I have tried putting him up in the hatch with them and he just jumps down..

Because Indian Minors are a pest in Australia, can you kill them?

I dont really want to, I would rather relocate them but some people have told me that they just come back!

Help me, and my poor cat! He is so stressed out!

Indian Minor Birds attacking my Cat!?
Indian Minor birds are literally an introduced pest to Australia vet have the rights to put them to sleep as they are classed as Vermin, they wont be coming back after that. Either that or ring Wild life fauna rescue they may be able to help but because they are not natives they probably wont. Ring the Animal management section or environmental health office at you local council and kick up a stink until someone does something about them.

They are rotten to the core and in some respects are worse than Magpies as they seem to swoop all year round.
Reply:dont kill the birds it is justbeing defencive.its wat a mother bird does
Reply:In N america we have crows. nuicence birds. Dirty %26amp; noisey. If minor birds are protected you can't do anything. I know if you put moth balls in an area alot of rodents will move out. Babys will be grown soon %26amp; gone!
Reply:This is another good example why cats are better off living inside only. There are so many dangers out there and cats live longer and healthier if kept inside.

If you care about your cat then keep it inside.
Reply:kill those birds ASAP. some of them got loose in hawaii several years back and they took over.

How to keep curls in

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