Monday, February 13, 2012

Whats up with all these wimps nowadays??

im tired of all these people bashing hockey and the physical aspects of the game. Parents and wussies constantly complaining about the violence of the game as if there isn't violence in the world. What ever happened to two men slugging it out like champs, now we got cowards with guns who are afraid to get beat down like men. kids are allowed to play with toy guns but "oh no child don't watch that hockey game i'm gonna raise u to be a pansy" whatever just calm down people it's a great sport with competitors deal with it.

Whats up with all these wimps nowadays??
Ah, I see the resident wimp has answered your question.

Hockey is a great sport. So what if there is the occasional fight? That gives it an edge. Kids aren't going to grow up to be violent by watching a fight that doesn't even last a minute. No, the ones that tend to grow up to be violent adults are the kids who play with toy weapons. I read once about a woman who was looking for boxing gloves for a doll she was making. She went to a toy store and saw all sorts of toy weapons: guns, knives, swords, hand grenades, etc, but no boxing gloves. When she asked an associate, guess what that person said...

"No, we don't carry violent toys."

???? Then what, pray tell, does she think the guns, knives, swords, etc. are? Tea party items?

There's more violence on the news than in hockey.
Reply:I agree with you.

There's worse violence on the 6 o'clock news than at a hockey game.
Reply:it is a common tactic to point to other bad behavior to justify ones own.
Reply:umm because society is getting full of pansies

I for one am not, and judging by the question and answers no one in here is.

I mean, c'mon, how many schools are banning tag now because kids might get hurt? honestly
Reply:Amazing isn't it. On tv, you can see hundreds of hours of people getting shot, stabbed, raped, brains and blood all over the place, every week. And that's just the CSI re-runs. To me it seems so much simpler to turn the chanel than to complain, but that's life.
Reply:its all george bushes fault
Reply:You're preaching to the choir.
Reply:here is the thing, media make stories bigger , they made the story more say interesting then the truth.Media nowaday is controling us. Generally, media dont like hockey so they tend to not give a good rep for it.Hockey really isnt as violent as media had depicted.However stuff Simons pulls as well as Battman really dont help hockey at all.
Reply:I agree, watching the news is more traumatic then watching a hockey game. Its fun to see grown men battle it out. Unlike soccer, where all you see is players rolling around on the ground like panzies.
Reply:Hell yea its part of the game its in the tradition its bullshi t these pansy asses cant handle it if you dont like contact dont play hockey!
Reply:Kind of stuck in your own little hockey rage world huh? another reason to say no to drugs.
Reply:there is a big difference. they dont applaud or encourage violence on the news, as they do in hockey. in hockey your approval of violence is implicit. so people who dont sanction violence are pansies? you are pathetic sorry hockey g not everyone is as hardened as you.

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