Monday, February 13, 2012

A Question for all you gun control nuts.........?

Do you really think less people at Va Tech would have been killed if handguns were illegal or the amount of ammo a clip can hold is limited to 10 shots? drugs are illegal, yet easy to get. If you want to kill a lot of people, and your clips only hold 10 shots, do you really think it would help. I know most of you pansy's have never fired a gun before, but it takes less then 2 seconds to change a clip. 10 clips with 10 shots, or 5 with 20 yields the same results. Do you really believe in your naive hearts that limited access to guns would do anything other then create a very very lucrative black market for criminals to make a boat load of money in?

A Question for all you gun control nuts.........?
Reply:A limited or non existant gun marker just puts guns in the hands of the people that shouldn't have them. And then the good people are left helpless without.
Reply:Following your logic, there should also be RPGs, fully automatic weapons, and bomb grade plutonium available at Wal-Mart.
Reply:Don't worry Bubba, The NRA is not going to let nobody take your guns away. Not as long as the arms industry can make money pandering to your macho racist insecurities.

And if Virginia will allow a mentally ill immigrant to buy two guns without question there is still hope for all of us.
Reply:Good point. Drugs are illegal and people who really want them can get them. If all hand guns are made illegal then there will be no paper work trail to link any murder to any murderer. Lets not fool ourselves there will continue to be gun violence after a no hand gun law was passed.
Reply:"A limited or non existant gun market just puts guns in the hands of the people that shouldn't have them."

Reply:I agree.

A few good answers.. but of course a liberal just had to dive into name calling..I just don't see how exercising my rights makes me a 'racist' or 'redneck'..

I guess anyone exercising their other rights must obviously be mentally retarded eh?
Reply:what a scary more guns...for the good ppl....if that was to happen i bet only the bad ppl would have guns...
Reply:For some strange reason, many people here on Y/A thinks that gun control = gun bans. This is not so. I would like to have a law in effect, that would have disallowed him from purchasing the gun in the FIRST place. Rather than have a "waiting" period where crazies can have time to further hatch their plots, why not a mental health certificate requirement. That way the LAW ABIDING, sane people are the only ones with access to these weapons. I realize that there is a black market for such things, but lets make it a lot harder for guys like Cho, than to just walk to the corner gunstore and buy a gun.
Reply:You are right
Reply:You're full of baloney. I live in a country with more gun control, and a lot less crime. You sound paranoid.
Reply:for self defense you do not need more then 10 rounds in a gun.

i have a 7 round .45. that is all i need to defend myself. you do not need a 9mm carrying 15 bullets for protection. I am not a 'pansy' for beliving the only people that benefit from hi-cap magazines are criminals. (or law enforcement). why would you possibly need a 15 round gun.

that extra time that is used to change the magazine can be crucial.

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