Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is it fair to shame your buddy when hes passed out on YOUR couch in YOUR house with his shoes on?

So we got wasted last night and my pansy friend passed out after beer pong and a few rounds of shots. it was only like 11 pm and he was out cold on the main couch and some of us were down for some fifa and halo. We lloked down and notice his shoes were still on. So we thought hair game guys. He got tea bagged, drawn on, shaving cream, beer and liquor bottles, in ironing bord, and a bare *** for picture time. just as the flash went off, he woke up pissed (he stood up quick, tried to swing (kinda) triped, and fell, passed out for a few hours more. when he wope up this afternoon, (still face down on the floor) he got pissed and what we did was against house rules. BS!!!

Is it fair to shame your buddy when hes passed out on YOUR couch in YOUR house with his shoes on?
tea bagged?! that was disgusting and out of line! bunch of "in the closet homos"! You guys are a complete disgrace to your families!
Reply:Hahahah -He's a POOPER!! - He'll think twice next time!! That's what happens to you at my house ... Fair play !! It's a shame he don't play well with others.
Reply:that was kinda childish, it can be funny but there are limits to humor and teaching someone a lesson
Reply:That is totally fair game.

Friend rules state:

1) Never be the first one asleep in a room full of friends, you are automatically subject to anything the group decides on.

Everyone knows that
Reply:and this one time at band camp......
Reply:from the sounds of the situation.. for party fair game... since he passed out in *your* house in a *commnity setting* with his shoes on, that's fair game in the party setting. Maybe a bit far from what you describe what you did.

if I were the victim, I'd come to swinging also, but then again, I remember to take my shoes off before passing out.
Reply:o! come on! it was just a little bit of fun!!!
Reply:sure, he would maybe do the same for you one day
Reply:thats a lil to far to go. you went from being funny to being just down right MEAN!!!!!
Reply:He deserved it. He shouldn't have passed out with his shoes on.
Reply:house rules are house rules my friend anywhere else the shoe rule applies. if the house says no then the house says no.

Reply:i'm pissed i wasnt there...thats awesome

Reply:Shame him!! Dont matter whose couch or whose shoes, he was wearing them, and he was on a couch.
Reply:Sounds like fun.
Reply:heck ya i f you cant hold your beer dont be drinking you deserve what you get
Reply:Of course whoever passes out first gets all the abuse shave a smiley face on his chest back or a_s

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