Monday, February 13, 2012

Ninja Gaiden for PS3........worth the hype?

I am thinking of buying it.......but I am a pansy when it comes to shelling out that much for a game, and I am tired of waiting to try to rent it....its never there!

Help me out? I liked the others

Ninja Gaiden for PS3........worth the hype?
well i downloaded the demo play it and showed it to a couple of my friends who felt like me that this game would be worth it. So i bought it yesterday. And just to note if you liked prince of persia or onimusha then you would like this one it has a great combination of this 2 games POP acrobatics and Onimusha simple fighting
Reply:Completely worth it. If you liked the others you'll definitelt fall in love over this one. Not to mention it's PS3...........DUHHH...................lo...
Reply:Ah, well im not sure if i'll be much help... %26gt;__%26gt;;;

I dont own a PS3, or the game for that matter, but i saw a review about it on Xplay(a pretty well known video game reviewing show...on G4TV)

IMO, if i had a PS3, i would most certainly buy the game.

Heres the link:

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