Monday, February 13, 2012

Syler went down a little easily last night, didn't he?

Seriously, the guy threw bullets another direction but didn't even raise his arms when Hiro ran at him from 20 feet away. Pansy.

Syler went down a little easily last night, didn't he?
I think hiro just caught him off guard, because sylar didn't think hiro was capable of it, and secondly sylar is not dead he climbed into the sewer. That part kinda made me mad that nobody checked to make sure he was dead, and also I don't understand why nathan had to die, if Clair would have just shot peter, he would be able to regenerate, that part seemed kinda stupid to me, but I still love the show.
Reply:I think the ending was pretty terrible. If Nathan could have just killed Peter why did he chose to kill himself too, a simple gun shot would have done. A little cheesy if you ask me, but I guess what can ya expect
Reply:yes. but you did not see a dead body being taken away did you... we have not heard the last of syler. even though i am about tired of his character but i guess that the hero's need someone to fight against.
Reply:but sylar wasn't concentrating when hiro came and hiro came from behind and matt came from the side
Reply:lol..thats what i thought.. When i saw Hiro go after him im like "theres no way Syler is gonna die like that"..I mean really he has these amazing powers and he almost instantly dies from one stab wound(what happened to that power of persuasion..did he even absorb it.....{ Wait, Eden shot herself in the does that mean that he couldnt absorb her power because of that??Im so confused...)

I guess he wasnt that smart afterall with those powers...
Reply:i don't think he's dead yet, but if he really is, molly told them about the next bad guy. the one who sees her when she thinks about him to find him...which is a really cool thing to be able to do if you ask me.
Reply:Yea i agree with you

i mean even when he was down he was able to throw hiro, so why didnt he do it when he was up

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