Monday, February 13, 2012

I really like this girl what should i do?

Im 13 years old and i really really like this girl but theres alot of problems..1st off in my town theres 2 schools. 1 private and 1 public. I go to the public school but she goes to the private school. And if thats not bad enough shes 1 grade older then me...We are friends and i wanna ask her out but im afraid 2 do it...Im a fricken pansy...What should i do please help me...

I really like this girl what should i do?
be careful [i went out for 3 months and i just got dumped becuase she said i was going "to fast" ] any way be careful [my girl went to a school in a nother disrtict] ask her out it could work out
Reply:jus ask if she yo friend she should understand.

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