Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Would you rather be 5"2 or 6"2 if you had to choose between the two??

Don't say neither.

Don't say another height.

Don't be a pansy.

I'm 5"2, I want to be 6"2.


Would you rather be 5"2 or 6"2 if you had to choose between the two??
Six two!!! You have a lot of answers here, but I have to chime in. I would love to be an Amazon! Both my parents were five eleven and I expected to be taller than my five eight. I never go anywhere with out heels on. I don't care what men want tiny women, I like the ones who like big girls. I love love love my platform shoes! Someone recently told me that I was larger than life at my wedding, I was so flattered. If you want to try being tall, indulge your self in a fabulous pair of high shoes, they sell the best ones at stripper stores. Take care.
Reply:6'2 definitely. I wish I were taller, I am only 5'7/5'8but with heels on I'm nearly 6ft :-)#

wow I'm surpried how many women would like to be short. As a teenager I was very tall for my age and it was great! But then they caught up with me and I'm onl yaverage. I love towering over people and unfrtauntely my husband is 6'4 so makes me feel short...
Reply:6'2 as i'm already 5'8
Reply:I'm the runt in my family. It has always bothered me that I could not have been as tall as my mother. She was lovely at a little over 6' 4". I am only 6'. It is all certainly a matter of perspective, isn't it? I can barely kiss my son on his neck (sugar) even standing on my toes. I would like to be a few inches taller, just as soon as stem cell catches up with my dreams. Then, I could easily kiss him on his cheek. : )
Reply:I am 6'2" so I don't need to choose! but if i was 5'2" and born in Sparta I would have been discarded :-D
Reply:I'm 5'6" and my room mate is 6'2" she has alot easier time reaching things that are high up. That's the only reason I'd rather be taller.
Reply:seeing how I have been 5'4" most of my life and I am a guy (i have nothing against my height) I would like to try the 6'2" please.... :)
Reply:5/2" then I could wear high heels

infact am short of 1" to your height but my man is 6"5.

see? height doesn't matter gurl. Be at peace with it %26amp; make the most of what you have. Everything has a reason. Take that to your advantage. Cheers!
Reply:6 2" im already 5 2" and im one of the sortest kids in my class.
Reply:I'm 5'2. I'm perfectly happy where I'm at.
Reply:Well, as a man, i'd probably wanna be 6'2, then again, i'm 15 and i'm 6 foot even, so i stil have loads of growing ahead, so i'm probably gonna get my wish, at least.

My whole family is tall, we only have one male who's below 6 foot, and he's 5'11
Reply:OK, 6'2" then.
Reply:I'm 5'3", so I don't think I'd mind being 5'2". I'd choose that over 6'2"
Reply:I'm 5'1" now, so I'd be fine with 5'2". As a woman I would not want to be 6'2". I like gazing up into my man's eyes. If I were a guy, I'd want to be 6'2".

There are lots of good things about being short. Be happy with who you are.
Reply:6'2" would be awesome! Then I wouldn't have to stand on a step stool to kiss my 6'4" honey! As it is, I am a foot shorter and have to stand on tip toes, and then he has to lean. By the time we retire, he'll have a bad back and I'll have a bad neck. Plus, my weight would be much more appropriate, lol!
Reply:Being a man, I'd definitely prefer to be 6'2".

For women, I can see the appeal of being 5'2" because it's cute for women to be small. But for a man, it's cooler and considered more attractive and better in all sorts of ways to be taller.
Reply:I'd be 6'2". Women would rather date a tall man. As for you, I know plenty of men who wouldn't date a 6'2" woman. But I don't know anybody that wouldn't date a 5'2" woman.
Reply:As a woman, I would prefer to be 5'2" than over 6 foot. If I were a man, I would rather be taller.

In reality, I am 5'8", and have always been happy with my height.
Reply:5"2 is too short and 6"2 is too tall but if i had to choose it would be 6"2. Not that id want to be that tall but it would be better then being really short!
Reply:I'm 5'9" and being 6'2" would be cool... I wouldn't look as fat if I were 4 more inches taller....lmao
Reply:I'm taller than 6'2", and I like it just fine, so 6'2" would be alright. I could see 5'2" having its advantages though, low ceilings are kind of the bane of my existence.
Reply:6'2". I'm 5'9 right now and like being taller would be okay.
Reply:5"2. everytime. then id be all littler and cute.
Reply:5"2 because i have more opportunities to meet guys. lol
Reply:5''2', I'm a girl!! 6''2' would be giant!!

In reality, I'm 5''5', and I wouldn't mind being a bit taller, but not that tall.
Reply:I'm already shorter than 5' 2", and I'm pretty much used to it. I wouldn't enjoy towering over all my friends.
Reply:Actually, 6'2" isn't much taller than I am right now so I would rather be that height because I'm more used to it than being shorter.
Reply:5'2" would be GREAT! I'm 5 foot....nothing, and very happy with it. My only problem is having to hem every pair of pants I own...and reaching things. But there is typically a chair near by or some kind tall person. I like it quite a bit.

If you are unhappy with yourself you will be unhappy with yourself no matter what. Satisfaction comes from within, not changing physical attributes.

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