Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How can a man dance well at a club?

with out looking like a pansy , or a gay guy. this girl I know wants to take me dancing with her and her friends , I have never danced in my life , so wtf do I do.

How can a man dance well at a club?
My opinion is that I myself donot like to dance and believe me we are not the only mens out there that cannot dance well. what I do is get drunk and when everyone is dancing and I am already drunk who the hell cares. lets party sh#t. after that I want some s#x. And that is how I close my dancing night.
Reply:Do a forward roll on the floor, then do the robot
Reply:watch what other men are doing and try to copy them
Reply:have a couple of drinks then go for it, or alternatively pretend to be too tired and sit, u'll see how crap men are in general at dancing then have a go
Reply:dude, just get drunk and do whatever the f^ck you want... it'd make any dance move seem genius.
Reply:if she doesn't pull up at a club your screwed, there is no way you can drink yourself out of ball room dancing..
Reply:Get drunk first. Then it will come naturally.

Listen to the song CAREFULLY, it give you perfect instructions =D
Reply:Smaller steps and smaller arm actions look less dorky. Find a rythmic action that looks acceptable and just repeat it over and over, matching it to the tempo of the music. Occassionally turn to one side or the other to mix it up. Watch someone who is dancing well and copy their movements but tone them right down. If you don't know what you are doing, less is definitely more. Do not do the robot dance.
Reply:Don't go if you don't want to, and don't get into the habit of following women around like a pathetic puppy dog.

You should be the leader in the relationship, generally speaking and for the most part (not to say that you can't ever go with her to places at times).

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