Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Only do drugs ONCE. Then what is the harm?

If I go to a party and smoke, (for the first time) (some sort of drug) and then thats it, just get high once, then what's so bad about that?

i want answers from someone with experience, not some pansy.

Only do drugs ONCE. Then what is the harm?
not too much harm, just depends on what you smoke. If you just smoke weed, then there's really no harm at all. but if you smoke something more serious, then there could be a lot of harm. Many things are very addictive, but marijuana isn't really so much. If its your first time, then I would stay just stick to weed. You don't usually get sky high your first time smoking it, unless you do a TON. a ton a ton. It also doesn't impair your judgments and abilities as much as many other drugs do, also.
Reply:Because you can easily get hooked!
Reply:The harm is depending on what you're smoking you could become addicted and create a big problem for yourself.
Reply:don't, honestly it just gets easier to justify doing it again and again. Trust Me!
Reply:you'll most likely get addicted to whatever you smoke.
Reply:Remember the first time can be the best experience you have and sometimes the worst if you dont know whats going on, because the first time can be FUN you may end up doing it again!
Reply:because my mum did that

then she said one more time for fun wont hurt over and over now she is paranoid and addicted and my sister is the same

you think once but do you have the strength to stop it the second time or the third ect
Reply:That's not so bad. Just watch who you hang out with.
Reply:The problem is when you do it know how many people say they'll do it once and end up doing it many times and become addicted?
Reply:It all depends on what you are smoking. Most people don't do it just once. All I can say is be careful what you take, what you take it with and who you take it with. One of my friends died last Saturday cause he overdosed on some drug and alcohol. The people that he was with didn't do anything.
Reply:Depends on what you smoke.....if its the pretty harmless stuff...not much harm. I didn't think it was addictive. There are some things that I think are and I wouldn't ever try them.

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