Monday, February 13, 2012

I gotta know, what happened to the original GI Joe's?

The large action figures that could kick Ken's pansy butt.

I had a talking one with a real beard

I gotta know, what happened to the original GI Joe's?
They usually mated with my Barbies on the way back from ' they probably caught something and that's why they are now extinct.
Reply:Cobra got them
Reply:They developed identity crisis's (not having willies and all) and moved to CA.
Reply:I have an original GI Joe with the Raft. It is still in the box mint condition and I won't sale it just yet. I'm waiting for an offer I can't refuse.
Reply:Well...what happened to yours ? That answers your question.
Reply:kids stopped watching the cartoon so the company stopped making the action figures some toys R us still have the larger versions and some select smaller figures real beard? um hate to be the one to break it to you but it was fake only real beards are on real people not toys
Reply:They all paired up with Barbies and moved to far off lands. The Kens are all laying low, waiting for the Barbies that come back home. :)
Reply:I have some original one still in the box.
Reply:They haven't been the same since GI Jane.
Reply:They are on E-bay being sold for big prices

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