Monday, February 13, 2012

Hmmmmmmm athletic question...don'... know which category to put it in?

I haven't played baseball since I was 13...I'm 18 now. I'm 6'4 190 pounds, and I played quarterback during my junior year of high school. I didn't have the balls to play football at a decent performance level on the field, but my arm strength is absolutely ridiculous, and it always has been. I can throw a ball so far, and gun it at the same time....short, long whatever, also my natural atheltic ability was second to anyone on the team, but no one really noticed cuz I was too much of pansy to play hardcore. Nonetheless I used to pitch and pitch fast when I played baseball but I gave it up...dont know why guess for academics. But so many people whether they were on my football team, old baseball teammates, friends i play catch with, tell me my arm is amazing. I hate wasting it, but football would never work, so I want to get back into baseball. I know I could get it up into the 90's after i practice. Is it too late, not to mention the college I'm going to is D-1. Am I fool to try?

Hmmmmmmm athletic question...don'... know which category to put it in?
Probably too late for this year since the College World Series is already over. Walk on next year. If the coach thinks you have potential, he'll give you a roster spot.
Reply:If you can throw in the 90's, they'll have you on the team...regardless if you can pitch or not. They can teach you that much of it.
Reply:Go talk to the Coach ! - If you don't you will always wonder 'what could have been'

I know of a young man, in Missouri, he 'blew-off' baseball his Sr. year of baseball, and like you has an amazing arm! He also 'blew-off' the first year after HS, to work in construction, he went to the jr. college coach asked for a try out since he was going to be out of town during open try outs, and was granted it plus he made the team.......with plans of playing AAA in the next 12 months.

It's never to late to try for anything you really want.

Good luck

Reply:Are you a fool? Nope. Not if its something you really believe in, give it your all and good luck.
Reply:The way you are talking about it you would be a fool not to try. Plus if you don't try you will always regret it and wonder if you could have made it or not. Good luck.
Reply:Go talk with the coach at your new college, he won't blow you off. Explain to him the situation, and if you're as good as you say, trust me he'll help you out. He'll probably get you a private coach to work with in the off season so you can help out the team next year. No baseball coach can have enough pitchers.
Reply:You can't teach toughness you candy ***! Nor can you teach heart and desire jackass! You should consider a career at WalMart as a door greeter

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