Monday, February 13, 2012

For the love of God, why are the Republican debates being held on CNN -Lib Central? What is going on? Get on?

Fox the only real people news you pansies! Wolf is a Liberal salavating at Republican bones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the love of God, why are the Republican debates being held on CNN -Lib Central? What is going on? Get on?
The corporate media:

CNN (Time Warner),

Fox (Murdock),

ABC (Disney),

CBC (Viacom, Inc.),

NBC, MSNBC, CNBC(General Electric)

This are all branches of American corporations and so there are themes they will not touch.

Even C-Span is not able to be really free to ask some questions.
Reply:Because, unlike the dems, the Republicans don't fear to go into enemy territory to discuss real issues and positions.

As for Wolf Blitzer, everyone knows he is a far left wing nut.

I missed the debate; I had to work. If Wolf was rude to the candidates, that only reflects badly on him and his ilk. I personally would not watch CNN or Blitzer if you paid me to do so.
Reply:Democrats on Fox and Republicans on CNN???

Okay, I surrender - it really IS the end days...
Reply:If you want to convert people you must speak to them. Some liberals might be salvageable.
Reply:Blitzer did not treat the GOP candidates the same way! The dems are probably afraid to go on Fox even though they would be treated fairly.

If it's going to be on CNN, get Lou Dobbs to moderate!!!
Reply:You are a loony
Reply:Ok there are probably a few reasons the Rep. are on CNN first probably the only chance you get to see them on CNN without being lied about and it would be good to see them there where the Rep. can try and speak witout getting there words twisted.

Second reason CNN probably trying to corner the Rep. on some questions where no answer would be right.

As you all know CNN and the libs like there double talk.

And you will get to see some real men with balz and stand for what they mean while the libs change like the tide on there beliefs and wants.

Yall rember Kerry saying I voted for the war before I voted against it , CNN likes that kind of talk but CNN likes loaded questions just my $0.02 worth.
Reply:Don't blame us for all crappy corporate news. I'll take hits for the New York Times, the BBC, National Public Radio, ..... even, Aljazeera gives news, but CNN is crap. Fox is even more embarrassing, and even funnier, republicans seem to claim it.

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