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Is it true that there are no atheists in foxholes?

I'm Korean war veteran and I killed plenty of enemies in my time and I've seen plenty of buddies killed. I've stood shoulder to shoulder with some of the toughest and bravest men on this planet. But there was this one guy, PFC Jerry Weckler, who was in our Marine platoon who said he was an atheist. He was always smarting off like some of these college kids on Yahoo. Nobody liked him in our squad. The first time our platoon got fired on, there was Jerry cowering in the bushes, his pants soaked with piss and he was praying out loud to God to save his sorry @ss. Hah! No atheists in foxholes!

Sorry to say, but these pansy @ssed atheists we have today, who ain't never seen combat, wouldn't last a day in the field. The need a good @ss whooping or to be fired on by an AK-47 or better yet to have a greenade land at their feet. You can bet they'd all be praying to God. Quicker and slicker than Crisco on hot skillet!

Is it true that there are no atheists in foxholes?
No, there actually are atheists in foxholes.

In fact, there's an organization called "Atheists in foxholes", whose members are atheists enlisted in the united states armed forces.

I know it may be difficult to imagine, especially given your advanced age, but there actually are people - many of them - whose beliefs are not the same as your own. It's not becoming of you to speak as you do.
Reply:i think you nailed that sucker right on the head
Reply:Several books I would suggest, all by decorated athiest war veterans:

Doing Battle, The Making of a Skeptic -- Paul Fussell, who was a Platoon leader on the continent during WWII, has said that it was his time in the army that MADE HIM AN ATHIEST. Prof. Fussell also wrote the National Book Award winner "The Great War in Modern Memory" a history of the First World War, espec. the Verdun campaign. He notes many athiests among the soldiers whom he profiled in the book.

Slaughterhouse Five -- Kurt Vonegut. K.V. was an American soldier in a German POW camp during the bombing of Dresden.

Thin Red Line -- James Jones. J.J. was awarded the purple heart and the bronze star in the Pacific. A thoughtful athiest, he regularly challenged the "foxhole" theory.

The Naked and the Dead -- Norman Mailer. Mailer is goofy, and has frequently flirted with mysticism. However, he described himself as an athiest during during his service in the Pacific.

Plus, let's not forget Hemmingway (For Whom the Bell Tolls, etc.) Papa coined the term 'Nada' (nothing) to describe what follows death.
Reply:No you Don(key) - Only a$$holes like you !

You think you did a heroic thing by killing other people - the lives that your own @ss whooping god created ?

Reply:Actually, the accredited organization American Atheists was founded by two WWII veterans, one of whom (a marine) was completely paralyzed in the line of duty. And you're cetainly an inspiration to slack-jawed Christian hicks everywhere.
Reply:I think you're right!
Reply:Your so sweet and kind...not. I'm an atheist and I was in a foxhole.
Reply:Is it true Don that there are no Christians in porn shops. Of course not. They will deny it but there are plenty of Christians in oorn shops.

So, yes, there are atheists in fox holes. Just urban legend my friend.

Rock on old dude, imposter or not.
Reply:Ha...i thought so...i was waiting to see....your so done...
Reply:Unfortunately, fake don, not all atheists are smart enough to avoid the military. Lack of religious faith does not always translate to lack of political faith.
Reply:This may not be you 'whynotaskdon'.The Original 'whynotaskdon'.

.BUT, I did go to your profile and....indeed you have 'asked' questions.

Maybe you are just doing all of this for the jollies that you might get from this....(whatever it may be).

OR, maybe someone is trying to frame you.

Hmmmm, I dunno. I may not ever know.

I definitely would like to because I find you a very interesting person.

And this is nothing new to the world of the web. And you could be actually who you say you are...

It's really a drag that you have someone go to all this trouble to do this to you. And for what reason? If you are who you say you are.....Hey, Ya can't really blame me for being careful!!! Seriously..

So......I really honestly do hope that you get things straightened out as soon as possible.

Good luck
Reply:If there are no atheists in foxholes then why would at least the US government have a atheist symbol for the gravestone of military people who do not believe in deities.

Perhaps yes some, but not all, atheists may decide in moments of great stress to pray to a non-existent deity but not all of us would and I think it highly arrogant to think so. I don't think all religious folks should be non-believers so try to have a little tolerance for those different from yourself. I know it can sometimes be difficult to do that.. one has to give up part of their ego to do that.
Reply:this is an IMPOSTOR -PLEASE REPORT-- the real whynotaskdon does NOT ask Questions--only answers!
Reply:Go away. You are fake...what do you have against real don??? You are LOW
Reply:I think I would have to agree with you, sir.
Reply:Nope. You really are an ignorant person. I have been in life-and- death situations several times and never prayed to a god to help me. Fortunately, there are over 5 billion people on this planet who aren't cristians.
Reply:I have heard the enemy fire and although I dont agree with the classification of athiests as pansys I must agree that anyone who has been in front of the muzzle of a firearm finds a diety right quick. And there is nothing that so confirms the existence of god a surviving a firefight you know your going to die in.

We had a corpoal that devotely believed in Satan. His theory was that God had to protect you and forgive you because it was his job. Satan on the other hand was the one that you had to be good to because actively sought your hurt. Never bought it myself.
Reply:So it kinda looks like God and Killing go hand in hand from what you're saying. In order to kill well, you have to have God. Hmm, I'm becoming a believer, no more atheism for me. I'm gonna go kill something, are you with me "Big Guy"?

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