Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Interracial question?

9 out of 10 asian/white couples are asian girls and white guys. you rarely see the other way around.

Girls, is it because most of the asian men dont' have the assertiveness and too pansy to start a conversation, or because we have very little chest hair and confidence?

assuming you are a white female, what attracts you to asian males and what dissuades you from relations with asian males (physicals andattitudes) ?

Interracial question?
I think there is a perception that Asian men subjugate women. Whether it's true or not is beside the point. It's the same perception that makes people think that white guys choose Asian girls because they are submissive. Again, i don't know if this is true or not -- just commenting on a perception.

But honestly -- what turns me off from Asian guys is usually they are shorter than i am.... i'm Norwegian/English/Scottish/Irish -- and almost 6 feet (and the shortest person in my family). So i'm not attracted to slight or slender men.

But Yao Ming -- total HOTTIE!
Reply:I think people need to stop stereotyping different relationships and play-hating the ones they see but take lessons and see that maybe opposites do attract. Be confident in who you are and open-mind about new things and cultures then people will see that confidence and see that you are willing to step outside your race for a wild ride.
Reply:I go for the masculane type. Thats hard to find in and Asian guy. So I stick to the whities!!!!!
Reply:I just don't think they are attractive, no offense!
Reply:usually, the DOMINANT world's DEFINITION in a race does not go outside their race.. for instance, white women and black guys - women and white men - NO. ... i'm not sterotyping -- i'm being real and quoting statistics.
Reply:Asian men are sexy :]
Reply:too small
Reply:i dunno i never been asked out by an asian male
Reply:men's assertiveness is what always drawls me, and their looks

plenty of Asian men are sexy, so that can't be the problem, work on your mannerism toward women
Reply:Well, this is what I have gathered from the Asian women I have dated and why they don't like to date Asian men. Part of it is the way they are treated. Many Asian men treat women like crap and like slaves, often insulting them, saying they are stupid or fat. Not all white men are better at that, but it seems they believe there is a better chance to be treated better by a white man. The other things are mostly physical. The majority of Asian men are shorter than white men, and thus, bigger is more powerful, at least that's what I have gathered from the Asian women I have dated (several, actually. I haven't dated a white woman in a long time and will never do so again because I am getting married to my Japanese fiance next year). The other thing, and I am sorry to say this, but the majority of Asian men have small penises. And though they may say size doesn't matter, it does. Especially to white women. Most women, especially white women, care mostly about money, so you may be okay there, then looks, then penis size, then personality. I am not rich and I am ugly, but I very well set in those other categories. Too bad for those super-materialistic white girls. They missed out on a loving caring guy that, well, anyway...
Reply:Nothing really, I've never had the opportunity to actually "talk" to an asian man. I mean they are nice people with a lovely culture. But I always thought they were the ones that never liked to mingle outside of their race and so I never went ahead and chatted with one. It could be that they are to quite and them not starting a conversation with us doesn't help!!!
Reply:I think Asian guys are attractive - I'm a white woman. I'd definitely date one, but the height thing could be part of the problem. I'm tall, 5'9'', and some - not all - Asian men are on the shorter side. Don't give up, though. Oh, and I don't care about chest hair.


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