Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crime doesnt pay, so why is all of society forced to?

i know there are some who do stupid things and deserve a chance. dut its those who spend there lives in %26amp; out of the system. rapists, murderers, child predators and killers. and the basic scumbags that contribute NOTHING to society. not far from my town they built a new 4 MIL$ prison. and National Geographic channel is having a show on the women in prison. and theyre no martha stuwarts. why do these poeple get 5 star accomindations compare to the homeless, sickens me. they get a shower, hot meals, bed, roof, warmth. but what do the homless get, screwed

these people who cost far more then what theyre worth, which is nothing. why should the law abiding, peaceful, future contributing people pay. if you want them to enjoy prison, you pay, dont make me or millions of others. are we becoming a society of pansies that turns there heads to much. the problem is getting worst. any ideas? and please rational ones

Crime doesnt pay, so why is all of society forced to?
I highly doubt that folks in prison are as well off as you tell it. I've watched plenty of shows about stuff like that, and they don't exactly look like their chillen at a 5 star hotel or anything, and it cost just as much to kill someone (death penalty), so If that's where you were going with all this, then your SOL.

But yes I do have some Ideas how we can lower crime. We could not run around fuckn like rabbits. And we could not get somebody pregnant that we don't love. AND if we DO we could AT LEAST step up to the responsibilities of being a parent. Then we'd have less crazy little kids growing up poor, in bad homes, turning to drugs and then selling them and then winding their asses up in jail for the rest of their damn lives (only after they get some chick knocked up, so the cycle can repeat, right?).

Or we could lower the sentencing for drugs, because I can not understand how someone can go to jail for life for failing a UA but someone else can kill a man and get less than 10 years in prison. I don't care what the circumstance were, that does not add up.

and FYI every human life is priceless, and everyone deserves to make amends for the **** they've done, no matter how bad. Not to you, but to God. IF you cut someone's life short just because you think they aren't worth ****, then what does that make you worth???

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