Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do you hate politically corretness?

Man you liberal politically correct pansies make me sick. Why do you people keep taking what's acceptable and shrinking and shrinking it until all of our conversations have to be sterile "hello, goodbye, how's the weather" conversations? These people only appear on the internet to correct you when you say the slightest offensive thing that may be humourous. I love telling jokes about ethnic groups, talking about stereotypes etc. because it's FUNNY. I am fine with other people doing that to me. Life is a's supposed to be fun. Anyone else?

Do you hate politically corretness?
I've asked a question similar to this before. People will call you insensitive, but it's natural to speak your mind and do as we please. I say we stop caring if people get offended, because we're all adults here and not children.

[Edit] Luckycup : I'd have to disagree. Just because YOU wouldn't find the lady falling down the stairs, and eventually dying the least bit comical, doesn't mean for one second that it wasn't funny for someone else. Stop acting like an Etiquette Nazi, and realize no two people (or their thinking patterns) are the same. One might argue that if the very same story you told had the tune of Yakety Sax behind it, would make for some very profitable material.
Reply:Life ain't a game when you're fighting for survival - those jokes you tell are clouding over the reality with laughter.

You're acting like such a big comedian when in reality you're nothing more than a clown.
Reply:You can tell who people are by what they think is funny. People who think hurtful pain is funny need to be curbed and silenced...just as people with contagious diseases have to be quarantined to prevent public disease from spreading.

People who's sense of humor is cross wired has to have a little thinking adjustment. Its best to keep your mouth shut until you've had a professional look at that.

A little test of socially healthy sense of humor...

There is a loud and happy party going on in a first floor ball room and a woman with curlers in her hair comes out of her room on the second floor onto the balcony and begins yelling profanities at the party and telling the participants to shut up or she will call the police.

As the ugly, rude and grumpy woman turns to re enter her room, she stumbles on her sagging robe and falls down the stairs. When she hits the ball room floor at the bottom of the stairs, she is pronounced dead.

At what point do you quit laughing at her? If you didn't quit laughing the second she began to fall down the stairs, you have a socially incorrect and potentially dangerous sense of humor. She is a human being despite her rugged personality.

Of course, life is a game but when it is your own life and safety at stake, laughter is more serious business. How much can you empathize with the pain of others?
Reply:It was started because the wimps are afraid the young children will be damaged for life if they hear the truth.
Reply:Judging by the 'questions' you have asked this evening, demeaning other people is what it takes for you to feel good about yourself.

What a pathetic wanker.
Reply:I have a lot better things to hate than the social disapproval of offending others. (aka etiquette)

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