Thursday, February 9, 2012

Footy isnt being played the way we invented it to be many diving pansies .not enough bulldog spirit?

ya damn right, i was really p'd off during the world cup with players not stop falling over at the slightest of touches, reall thought bout not watchiong it anymore but i love the beautiful game too much. should be clamping down on it this season. if a ref thinks a player has dived and gives the uopposing team a free kick then the player in question should be sent off straight away without hesitation.

Footy isnt being played the way we invented it to be many diving pansies .not enough bulldog spirit?
Never truer words said, totally agree
Reply:What pisses me off most is all the cheating.
Reply:I couldnt agree more in a few years it will be virtually a non contact sport if a player farts another will fall over !!!!
Reply:You are talking about footy at the top level, which ceased to be a sport several years ago, and is now merely another business trying to get its slice of the consumer's pound. Try going to non league football to see the type of game that you are missing.
Reply:The same occurs in some sports here in the U.S. and I can relate to your feelings about it. There is diving in ice hockey and faked injuries on the gridiron field to buy time. Soccer may be a gentlemans sport, but I have played it during my youth in the 70's and am keenly aware of how physical it can be. So when I see a prima-donna writhe in false agony to draw a foul, I find that contrary to sportsmanship.
Reply:i agree totally with the first answer try the lower leagues where passion is. they play there for the sheer pleasure of it and dont get paid anywhere near what wed class as acceptable

then watch an FA cup match between premiership team and a lower league team. ok theyll lose but whatt an effort they put in its a lot closer than youd expect
Reply:Who cares how it was 'invented' to be played. The way it is played now is what has made it the 'beautiful game' and the 'world game'.

Agree about diving taking away from the spectacle of the game....but equally believe that thuggish 'hard play' takes away from the spectacle of a great game.

Diving is a reaction from cheats who exploit the officials attempts to eliminate thuggery!!
Reply:too many foreign imports mate - imagin Robben/Ronaldo playing in the 60's or 70's even the refs would be kicking lumps out of them

Dont get me wrong there are some good players but they are turning football into netball

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