Sunday, February 5, 2012

Has anyone in America ever met a decent police officer or judge?

Has anyone ever met a decent police officer? Think back, if you can, to the 1950's. Then there was a great love between both police and citizens. What you ask, is the difference? Simple; then it was cops and robbers, when someone was a "criminal" they were a person who stole; they hurt others; they raped; they murdered; they cheated; they stole; todays "criminal" includes the majority of the population including almost ALL law enforcement officials; but the reason they never face the music is they have switched training to "protect and serve" to an "us versus them" policy and as human we know justice, though most are too pansy to care about injustic. People like todays police officers are the identical twins of the roman soldiers who dove a spear and nailed spikes into Jesus's hands, feet, and chest. Please listen: The innate justice of the world may not be immediately apparant but all the accounts of ancient history agree that bad government carries the germ of its downfall within itself. Put simply, we will, or many other nations will, stand and fight. Because there is a good, and an evil way to govern citizens. Guess which one you live under?

Has anyone in America ever met a decent police officer or judge?
Yes, I have met many. Like anything, some are good, some are bad and some are ugly.
Reply:Been in some trouble, have we?

Got caught, did we?

Reply:Of course.
Reply:i have never met any besides my dad but hes not really a cop, just a c.o.
Reply:I have been arrested three times. I did not do it . but I was convicted. spent two thirty day sentences and a five day time in jail. and had nothing at all to do with the crime. at all. not even close. no way. at all did NOT deserve to go to jail.My back is bad.I couldn't spread my legs, so I was thrown to the floor. they hurt my back and neck draging me to the jail cell.I am white. ok white folks lets march in the street for them doing me wrong, Ha Ha Ha har de har.this guy in the jail cell had a broken jaw. and the police man broke it by hitting him.. and they wouldnt even let him see a doctor.and it was BROKEN. I am funny right?about marching?whites dont care if the police kill an ennocent white person. twice so far this year in Jacksonville fl.they killed white people for no good reason. and no responce at all from anyone. but if it had been black folk killed, it would have been way different. theres no andy and barney. thats only on tv.They hire trash. and protect each other when they kill someone thats ennocent.they think there Gods.or the lone ranger.I have seen so much evil in policemen. it s terrible.
Reply:they are just another gang!i always refer to them as"the badge gang"

i believe organized crime has taken over this country.that would'nt make a big deal to me but; somewhere up there is a top and i dont think we get to see whos there.

cops and judges have ruined my life. i see them taking and taking. i dont think what they give is all that much. they are either sickos that need an ego boost of power. or they cant do anything worth a fk in the real world.

everything is all f'd up .the penalties are so great people are shooting or running from the gasteupo bassttaards! hell the penalties are ridiculous for what its all about.

they say driving is a privelige.c'mon!the way i travel in my quest for survival should not be hindered because i wont pay graft. ie... insurance, registration,etc... registrating a new car in arizona is f'n tremendous in cost. (like everything else)it has to slow auto sales. inturn manufacturing,repair,etc...

check this out. let me enlighten you all. think .look. understand. ford motor company is driven by profit. thats the way it should be;but ford makes a modern auto to be so complicated and unreasonably built that the repair costs in labor are stupid. they try to manufacture their cars to junk out as early as possible.they want the machine squashed earlier in its life than previous cars so they can sell more new ones.

i am a pro mechanic. i have been for over 30 years.the other day i removed and installed an intake manifold on a 97 or so had installed a malisious piece of steel bolted behind the head on driver side where you cannot remove the bolts and it protruded appx a foot forward over the intake manifold in a way that turned a simple(simple compared to allot of ford repairs)repair into a mechanics madness.simply put. that piece of steel had no purpose. other than to increase labor cost. it does absolutely nothing.i'm really f'n strong especially when im ppiissed. i got a large crescent wrench and bent the crappp up down .up. down up etc. untill it finally got fatigue. i think i got it in the 8th round.i threw the ten pound consumer weapon where it belonged.this is an example of how the public are controlled in a vague way.if people would wake up and see what the world is trying to f them with things might get back to where they should be.or we could start shooting. this country was founded with guns. we still have em. theyre starting to try to pry them away by making laws etc... try and take mine cop.! i would have maybe backed a cop years ago. not now.people dont want to think about taking off the blinders. they are scared of what they will see.they WILL see.. indoctrination will only fit where it will fit. the "new world order" isnt new. but it is getting old. look up "new world order" it's probably allot like what we must take down.
Reply:I have met many police officers who have been helpful and kind. Being a police officer is a difficult, DANGEROUS, and thankless job. I'm very very grateful that there are people who are willing to put their lives on the line in order to protect me and mine. You should be too.

Try to imagine a country with no police - very frightening concept.
Reply:It's like the old saying....History always repeats itself.

That's a term I KNOW to be true. Just look around you.

Scary thought, huh?

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