Saturday, February 11, 2012

If I punched you in the mouth would you run and tell my mom even though im 25 years old?

I knew you would. Your such a pansy.

If I punched you in the mouth would you run and tell my mom even though im 25 years old?

Pansy Freaking Nanny!
Reply:well mama did say knock you out
Reply:At least I know the difference between "your" and "you're" and when %26amp; how to use them.

After I pointed that out, I'd box your ears and poke you in the eyes.
Reply:uh no. I would just call the police and have them take care of you. Do you have some sort of mental defect?
Reply:no id kick u in the crouch and pull your hair, while rolling around the floor kicking your *** lol
Reply:no girl.. i wont.. ill make u tell ur own mother..
Reply:I would enjoy seeing you get arrested.
Reply:oooooooooooh,negative freakin' nancy
Reply:He.ll no!! I'd hit ya back with a left hook and keep swinging until you were on the ground begging for mercy. Pop me and you're asking for a beating... damn! Ya brought out my inner biker
Reply:No, I'd punch you back.
Reply:I'm a fierce eighty year old gramma who will hit you hard with her walker if you do that.

And I'll rattle you so hard that you'll be crawling to your mommy.

Reply:You'd want to be quick if you wanted to get a second punch in
Reply:You can't punch me in the mouth. You're not fast enough.
Reply:Not really.
Reply:No, but you probbly would run and tell your mother.
Reply:Nope, I'd just snap your bra strap, cuz you're a girl... :)
Reply:no way i would punch you back in your mouth and then the throat
Reply:nope. i'll just wish you were a guy so i can hit you back... ooh wait, yeah i'll tell my girlfriend so she can kick your butt. lol.
Reply:NO! I would punch you back.
Reply:I would tell the popo.
Reply:No, I'd beat the sh*t out of you. =)
Reply:i might not tell your mom. but i can tell this to my lawyer.
Reply:No, I'd steal all your clothes and make you walk home naked.
Reply:yup i would hehe
Reply:I assume someone would eventually have to notify your next of kin if you ever took a swing at me, yes.
Reply:I have nothing to say.
Reply:if you punched me in the mouth with no provocation, i'd punch you back, female or not. and i hit really hard.
Reply:no il never,

cus ur mouth will be bleeding more at that time...

but will u go %26amp; tel my mum evn though im 19???
Reply:You'd better run away!
Reply:No way girlie! I would call the cops and tell them where to find the body!

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